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chromatron chromatron v1.3

Chromatron is a laser-light-mirror reflecting and addictive game.
In this puzzle game you have to place and position some mirrors, filters, etc so that the right laser beams are reflected into the matching pinwheels.
Easy to understand, but difficult to solve.
Features 50 levels of fun!


chromatron2 chromatron2 v1.1

Another laser-light-mirror reflecting game.Chromatron2 add some new mirrors at the game.
Features 50 levels of fun!


chromatron3 chromatron3 v1.1

Chromatron 3: Geometry is an another free and fun puzzle game of laser beams and mirrors.


Deep Green Reversi Deep Green Reversi v1.2

Reversi (also known as Othello) is a much-loved classic strategy game, often described as taking only a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master. Each game only takes a few minutes to play, making it an ideal game on the move for your android phone.


FiveCard FiveCard v1.0

Five Card combines solitaire and poker for a relaxing or a challenging game! Can you manage four poker hands at once?
Place the cards on the board to form the highest-scoring poker hands you can. Three different games keep the game fresh. The save feature lets you pick up where you left off!


Flipit Flipit v1.1

This is a challenging mind game. The purpose of this game is to flip all the pieces turn white.The difficult part is that when you flip a piece, it will flip it's adjacent pieces too.Complete 30 levels to win the game!


Netwalk Netwalk v2.0

Netwalk is a single player logic game.Construct the network, connecting all the terminals to the server in the fewest turns possible.


TiltMazes TiltMazes v1.0

The classic 2D-tilt-mazes puzzle game.
Move the ball around the grid and collect all the blue squares.
These puzzles will astound, baffle and delight in equal measure. Young and old alike.

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