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FreeCell Solitaire Champion FreeCell Solitaire Champion v1.6.0

The only solitaire game on SlideMe that uses the innovative reshuffle feature allowing you to reshuffle your cards once you get in trouble. You earn 'reshuffle cards' while you progress the game and can use them as a 'get out of jail free cards' when you run out of ideas on what to do next.


Solitaire Champion Solitaire Champion v1.6.0

Solitaire Champion is an all time classic with a novel twist - finish levels and win reshuffle cards which you can use to mix up cards still remaining on the solitaire table when get stuck with your game.

This Klondike Solitaire game is like no other on the market! Engage in the game instead of frustrating over a solitaire deal that is simply not winnable. Try it and you won't come back to any other solitaire games being clones of each other.


Yukon Solitaire Champion Yukon Solitaire Champion v1.6.0

Yukon Solitaire Champion is a solitaire game similar to classic Klondike (the one known from Windows) but slightly more challenging. If you liked classic solitaire you're going to love this one.

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