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Bird Savior Bird Savior v1.01

Have you ever wanted to free caged birds? Here is a chance to be a BIRD SAVIOR?
Help rescue every caged-bird in the forest.
You can jump high or super slide to avoid obstacles. Fun game with super strong savior of birds, mind-blowing forest scenes, unseen obstacles and super engaging game-play.


Candy Truck Fall Candy Truck Fall v1.0

Tilt your device to control the Candy Truck. Fall Down through the gaps and avoid getting out of screen.


Car Rush Hour Car Rush Hour v1.0

Looking at current traffic scenarios in the world; NASA has developed a CONCEPT CAR, which can RUN and JUMP. You have been assigned to TEST the CAR in real world traffic.
Car Rush Hour is a fast action packed car racing game which tests your car driving skills.


Fruity Wheel Fruity Wheel v1.0

Spin the Fruity Wheel to collect fruits and have fun.


Ganesha 3D Ganesha 3D v1.0

A Must have 3D Ganesh Temple App on your Mobile, perform real time Puja.


Juggling Champ Juggling Champ v1.0

Enjoy the simple but highly addictive traditional ball juggling game.


Pot Balance Pot Balance v1.0

Pot Balance is fun arcade game where you have to balance the Pots on head of Indian Beauty by tilting the mobile phone.


Stop N Fit Stop N Fit v1.0

Stop N Fit is challenge to touch and fit the object with timing & accuracy.


Thirsty Crow Thirsty Crow v1.0

For the first time, experience the popular story of THIRSTY CROW as a game.


Train Your Brains Train Your Brains v1.0

Train Your Brains tests your basic Mathematics Skills
This is a great basic Mathematics puzzle game that challenges your brain.

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