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Animal Look-a-like Animal Look-a-like v1.0

Ever wanted to find out what animal you look like ? This is the app for you!

Over 50 pictures with funny animals including a hungry camel, a hilarious chimp, a smiling mule, the "yoga-instructor" lemur, the king of the jungle and of course the extremely funny llamas.

Hope you find it fun and recommend it to your friends! :)

You can use the app on your friends and save the results in a list.


Animal Sounds Animal Sounds v1.1

Fun application for kids of all ages. More than 35 pictures and sounds of both domestic and wild animals.

- Play/Stop sound button
- List with all domestic/wild animals
- Swipe screen to move to the next animal



Scare Prank Your Friends Scare Prank Your Friends v1.3

Scare Prank Your Friends

Pick a sound, a picture, set a time and press "Set". After the time runs out the picture will appear on the screen You can shut off your screen in the meantime) and the scream sound you chose will play.

Set the media volume to maximum for desired effect.

More sounds and pictures will be added in the upcoming updates.


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