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Coco Breaker Coco Breaker v1.28

If you like the game please support it on facebook. Thanks in advance.

New mountain setting
8 new Levels (now 56).
Almost every level has been redesigned.

Coco Breaker is a breakout clone in a caribbean setting. Use your bamboo paddle to bounce the coconut higher and higher to remove the blocks.


Tinker Runs Tinker Runs v1.0.2

This is my first game, so feel free to comment and make suggestions. Do you like it? Does it run on your phone/ tablet? Do you have ideas to improve the game play? Please post it in the apps comments on .

Tinker Runs is a classical jump and run game for all ages. It features cute graphics and easy to learn but challenging game play. Help Tinker to fulfil his challenges in 30 stages.

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