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Graveyard Shift Graveyard Shift v1.11

Match 3 objects or more game with 100 levels and more to come. As the caretaker of the haunted graveyard, your boss has asked you to clean up the grounds. There have been some strange things happening and the place is a mess. Swipe the objects from left to right, up and down to match 3 or more objects. Also you can press the TNT to detonate it and make objects drop, which may help in your task. Good luck!


Mouse Catcher Mouse Catcher v1.6

The house has become overrun with mice. Squash the white mice as fast as you can to clear the house before the mice have chance to increase their population. Avoid killing the pet hamsters and poisonous spiders. Fun game for all


Pro Archery Pro Archery v6.2

ProArchery is a simulation of real archery. All the common rounds are available. The bow used is a Hoyt Eclipse. The game was created for people who cannot shoot in the British weather and would like to get a glimpse of archery. Tilt your phone to manouvre the bow, pull the string to shoot. Wind does effect your shooting so be patient and pick your moment.


TV Memory TV Memory v1.6

TV Memory is a memory game with 90 levels. You are shown a sequence of coloured symbols after which you need to complete the pattern. Each level awards 50 points. Bonus points are awarded for completing each level quickly. This game may drive you insane. Levels start of easy and progessively get much more difficult.

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