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Pay Off -Dept Manager Pay Off -Dept Manager v1.2.0

Pay Up onto your lenders what is due to them whilst collecting what is due to you.

This app keeps track of who you owe money to and also who owes you money and reminds you when a payment should be made. It basically helps you to pay back money that you borrowed from your friends or whomever you chose to borrow money from And also collect on cash that you loaned to your friends or whomever you lend money at a flat interest rate if you wish.


Power Factor Correction Power Factor Correction v1.4.1

This simple app calculates the capacitance required to correct a given power factor in a 3 phase electrical circuit to unity (1) or to a point below unity.Thus improving the efficiency of that electrical circuit.It also includes a calculator to calculate true power, apparent power or power factor

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