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HIMYM Trivia HIMYM Trivia v1.1

Prove how much you know about How I Met Your Mother playing this fun trivia game, which will help you to remember the best moments of the series and learn fun facts of the characters and their adventures.


Meme Smasher Meme Smasher v1.0

Enjoy playing the best smashing and taping game!

Smash those famous Rage Comics characters and some internet memes in this incredible funny and addictive game.


Movies Soundtracks Movies Soundtracks v1.1

Now you can easily find out every song in movies using this application, you just need to search the movie you want in the app and see all the songs that sound during the film.


What Country Is This? What Country Is This? v1.1

Learning geography has never been easier! With "What Country is This?" you have the opportunity to explore the world, view it's countries and check out all the relevant data of any country: Population, GDP, government, capital, largest cities, currency, flags and more.


What's That Picture What's That Picture v1.1

Have fun and learn at the same time recognizing the most beautiful pictures and amazing pictures in the world!


World Intelligence Contest World Intelligence Contest v1.3

Play this addictive game of questions to show how much you know about general culture. Test your knowledge and have fun and learn at the same time trying to answer the most varied, funny, curious and interesting questions you can about anything. Try to answer questions about any category you can imagine, such as history, music, sports, movies, TV shows, video games, news, important events, math, biology, literature, reality or fiction, among numerous other possibilities.

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