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Chess Grandmaster Chess Grandmaster v3.0

Do you want to become a Chess Grandmaster?

This great chess game lets you play against a friend, the computer, or against an online opponent using Test and improve your chess skills to become a grandmaster.


Crosswords Crosswords v1.01

Crosswords downloads daily crossword puzzles from the world’s leading newspapers. Challenge your knowledge and analytical skills by solving them all!


Maze Run Maze Run v2.2

Get ready for the most challenging Maze Puzzles ever. A ball sits in a flat tray containing one or more squares (goals). The challenge is to guide the ball around the tray and collect all the squares. Tilt the phone or tablet to start the ball rolling. The ball rolls in a straight line until it hits a wall, you can then tilt again.  


Memory Game Memory Game v2.0

The memory game is a classic for kids and adults alike. Now offering multiple themes!

The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards. Tap to flip two cards and match a pair. It's easy or is it!


Mine Sweeper Mine Sweeper v2.1

Explore the Classic Minesweeper game on your Android device. Test your strategic thinking with three levels of play with this addictive game! Flag all the mines to win!


Sky Maze Sky Maze v2.0

Sky Maze is fun game for children and adults alike. Guide the ball to safety by traversing the maze in the sky! Click on the powerups and bombs to help but be careful not to click on the dirty bombs! Work your way through all three levels of difficulty and master the Sky Maze


Solitaire Plus Solitaire Plus v5.24

The classic Solitaire game offers a multi-pack of card games that will provide hours of fun. Solitaire Plus includes Solitaire, Free Cell, Forty Thieves, and Spider. This Solitaire experience is unrivaled in clarity and quality of play. Take Solitaire Plus for a spin, and see the difference!


Space Quest Space Quest v2.0

Get ready to test the limits of your reflexes and eye hand coordination in this fast paced arcade style game. Move your blue bubble to the green zone, avoiding the enemy photons being shot into space.


Sudoku Plus Sudoku Plus v2.2

Sudoku Plus provides hours of brain challenging fun and will have you wanting more. Hundreds of puzzles let you master Sudoku and work up higher difficulty levels. Works on phones and tablets!


Tasks Tasks v0.9.1

Tasks lets you keep track of your to-dos and lists. Never fall behind a deliverable. Easily create Lists with items and cross them off as you finish. This simple Tasks application will help you get organized.

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