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Älskar, älskar inte (Loves me, loves me not) Älskar, älskar inte (Loves me, loves me not) v1.0

Get the answer to your question! Are your feelings answered?


AppChat AppChat v2.2

Chat and discover android apps in this nice forum. Give encouragement, write suggestions, get help. See what others have to say about the popular apps and discover new apps or find new features in apps you already have installed.


Dice man Dice man v1.3

Is one day similar to another? Is life repeating? Become a Dice man and perform a random task each day to break old habits and find joy in life.

This early version contains a limited set of tasks to try out the concept. Please send feedback to encourage development.


rAladdin - Rösta på dina favoriter rAladdin - Rösta på dina favoriter v1.1

Rösta på dina favoriter. Se statistik hur andra röstat.


ShowTime ShowTime v1.0

Track your time on different locations and generate nice reports ready to send or input in your time management system. This app will save you time to keep track of your time sheets and time reports if you have multiple clients that you work with. The time report is automated based on location making it ideal for a consultant or salesman.


Singla slant (Coin toss) Singla slant (Coin toss) v1.0

Coin toss with swedish krona.

* Photographic quality animation
* Includes trivia
* NO ads


What's Next What's Next v1.2

What's next is a game to test your logic and math skills. Can you figure out the next number in the sequence? Can you beat your friends?

11 levels with increasingly difficult tasks.

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