Has some tried to remove the

Has some tried to remove the windows 6.1 from the HTC Touch Diamond
and set up instead the Android new Google OS?

Needs to be able to work as a real virtual keyboard

Much quicker to just slide out the keyboard.

Works pretty well though, even if the buttons are a little small. If you can get it to work as a realy virtual keyboard for input - pops up when you select an area that can be typed in then disapears after your finished

Needs larger buttons

buttons need to be much bigger. It takes about 3 tries to get the right key.

*integrate predictive text feature and/or spellcheck
*make a 'clear all' key to erase and start over
*use the acelerometer to rotate keyboard to landscape when turned sideways

I love the idea

Just had trouble pressing the right key.... it would be cool if the key got larger so you know which key you are about to click (even a second delay to change your mind). Good work though! :)

source code YEY!!!

Wow! Source code - THANKS!!!
I've been looking to do an app which could greatly leverage from having virtual keyboard - it's a blessing I have the source code now! THANKS! I will give you proper attribution of course if I end up building this app and using your code!
I can be reached from www.androidz.info


apps list

Does anybody know where I can download these apps to a sd card or at least a link to the apk app like the one above (ex. "http://android-app-collection.googlecode.com/files/aKeyUI_Touch.apk")

Apk for this app

This app can be download using the following link or the SlideMe client app:

The file aKeyUI_Touch.apk is a version specifically for the HTC Touch as it has a different resolution...

I don't see this app on the

I don't see this app on the android market.

Not on Android Market

Yeah the app doesn't seem to be available on the android market...

nothing is on slide me app

nothing is on slide me app store thats showing on the p.c. how do you download it

Currently, you can only

Currently, you can only download applications from SAM, our client. We expect to enable downloads from the website sometime this week.

larger buttons please

Great app but keys are pretty small ans toguh to type. I have small fingers and find it tough on this app.


I am new to this; how do I download this?

How to download this app:

You can download directly from the following link:


(You must enable downloads from unknown source in your phone settings
# Go To Main Phone Settings
# Touch Applications
# Touch the first setting: Unknown Sources
# Click OK to accept the warning that you’re responsible for anything getting messed up from using “unapproved” applications)

Or you can download using the SlideMe SAM app market as follows:

Button size

I hit the wrong button too often :-( fat fingers..


also, how do we paste :P

also, how do we paste :P

How to paste??

To paste:

Long press on any text input field + select paste
Hold down on the track ball + select paste


Reduce the input area? For Android on HTC Touch

I also have an HTC Touch.
I would love to use this on my Touch using Android.
Is there a setting that allows you to control the vertical size of the text input area? As mentioned in a previous post, we can see the input area, but not the keys.
Unfortunately, there is no way to scroll down to the keys.

Look forward to your response.

aKeyUI for HTC Touch


I have released a version of the aKeyUI app which should suit the screen resolution of the HTC Touch...
Available at:

I'm not sure of the HTC Touch exact screen resolution, so you may want to tweak the height values in the layout/main.xml file:

I have released the source-code for this app available at:

I wish this program worked with my device

Hey John,

I have the HTC Touch running Android, and since the device has no hardware keyboard, I could really use this program. Unfortunatly, the current resolution it's set for doesn't match that of my phone.

(Currently when I run the app, I see only the text box and the start to the keyboard on the bottom of my screen)

I am an experienced programmer, and would be willing to fix this issue if you werent.

Can you help me out?


Finally, I can enter text with one hand and without having to slide out the keyboard...