Reviews of Act 1 Video Player

Great app, would highly recommend it!

I used to love watching movies in the train on my ipod touch and was very disappointed with the player included in android 1.5.
Act 1 Video player is the answer :) I tried the trial during two days and just bought now, definitely worth 0,99$.

I hope the development will follow the androïd one, just heard that "eclair" (android 2.0) will be available on the HTC Hero. For now, 5 stars for me !

This is the greatest video software that I have found for the Android. Everything you could want from a video player is here.

Good support for videos, great touch controls and trackball option, good menus and all the customization you need in a video player. I tried many players, and I will stick with this.

The list of available videos is very well done. You can even customize it to change the order of files to suit your liking. Great bonus is the trial version available on Free Market.

I have yet to find anything bad about this software.

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