Problem with network and advanced

I have the same problem as vincentkuosa, my phone: sony ericsson experia mini pro "SK17i". Besides that, I can not run the su command. It sais: "you become the super user fails" (when I hit the ok button). It sais so when I try to checkmark anything under advanced too. :)

Andfire does not block apps

Hi Yang

Firstly, thanks for the wonderful initiative!

I'm on HTC Wildfire with Android 2.2.1, not rooted. I installed Andfire v1.2 and the call-blocking works fine, but the app blocker is not working at all. I could tick the boxes of apps I want to block, but if I switch screens and come back, the ticks would all just disappear. Please kindly advise, I need this function desparately. Thanks very much!

Blocking is fine with minimal amount of apps


I am currently using HTC wildfire wildpuzzle rom 2.1 eclair.

AndFire freezes whenever I try to block more than a certain amount of apps (even though it's fine blocking all apps but just not a certain amount)


Only partional working

Hi, nice app to start with. Although i rooted my SGS-GT-I9000, using the z4mod, i can't seem to block individual apps from network access, what does work is blocking all apps. Running FroYo2.2.

Perhaps an idea for the app, for the network part, is to add an option to save a configuration. E.g. a dropdown list where saved configs are listed so i can pick 'all access' or 'browse only' for example.


Only partional working

Hi Viki
AndFire is a iptables firewall,Make sure your phone supports iptables command,If you do not know whether to support it,You can use androotfile 3.0 to browse / system / bin directories or use super terminal.I am currently developing a new version of the andfire,save configuration function will be achieved.

Annoying update notification

I have installed Andfire v1.2 but due to the existence of two different versions of the same application, SAM v4 keep showing a notification to update my Andfire to version 1.0!! I don't know whether it's a bug in SlideME or Andfire. If I downgrade to version 1.0 and reboot my android handset, I'll receive another notification message as soon as I launch SlideME asking me to update Andfire from version 1.0 to 1.2!! It's a closed loop of update notification messages. Can anyone help please?

does not block anything on andriod 1.6

hi there!

just have installed v1.2 on a 1.6 (donut) device but does not block anything, no matter if rooted or not.

any suggestions?

thx in advance.

hi androbox

Your android may be not support the full kernel module,You should check if there is an updated version of your Android ROM compiled with this kernel module.

I´m new to Android – how can

I´m new to Android – how can i check which version of ROM i have and where do i get an update if available?
(LG GT540)


Andfire double app

Any reason fonter for having what it appears to be the same app uploaded twice?


hi,george,This is just different versions, is 1.2 version is 1.1 version

Does it require root access ?

hi..i installed on my htc hero android 2.1 and it seems not to be blocking or even blacklisting calls..any idea what im missing ? stock 2.1...not rooted..


hi,efarhan,You have selected "Block Blacklist call" option? add your num in blacklist?

hi efarhan

hi,efarhan,we are looking for reasons in android 2.1.we will release new version to fix this bug.