Force close on htc legend

when i download purchased aplication and try to open it sam force close ewery time.
Sam 3.5
htc legend
android 2.1

Try Uninstalling

Try Uninstalling SAM first from your phone and then install fresh from Hope this resolves your problem.

Force close too on my Galaxy S

I have the same problem too, even after I install fresh from

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S
Sam 3.5
Android 2.1

Which App

Can you kindly provide the application name when this force close appears?

the application name

the application name is SAM 3.5 itself :D

the problem is that 'force close event' occurs randomly... I can't identified when/how this happen

still forece close...

still forece close...

Which app?


We see that you have already made a successful purchase previously. Please contact support at and provide details of the application you are trying to download/purchase that is causing this force close.

Thank you.