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Great app, would highly recommend it!

Great app, would highly recommend it!

Great app, would highly recommend it!

v1.4 removes the need to unlock. Thanks for all those that did, proved that that type of unlocking method sucks. This wallpaper now has no permissions in relation to anything in regard to unlocking or ads.

I am working on v2.0 - which will be a fully rendered and dynamic wallpaper. It will also fix the delay bug when you set it where it takes about 6 seconds to actually start showing.

If you would like to see other features in 2.0, please post a comment, I actually do listen.

Color changing will be in 2.0. As well as actions on home screen change. (Plus a lot more!)

This was intended for higher powered devices, but seems to work well on outdated devices too. If you have trouble, please kindly post so that I can fix it. Works perfect on my Samsung Galaxy S2.

Also, the unlocking method was chosen to keep the app free. Give it a shot, I basically pick an app to install, install it, open it, exit, then uninstall it. Return to settings and give it a second to update. The unlock is permanent.

As for the unlocking, I would like to hear feedback on the method. Does it suck? Is it better than paying? Thanks!

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