how to re-install my payed apps?

hi, i had just restored default settings on my phone, and lost all my installed apps, including the one payed from slideme, called guitar solo, now i want to download it on slideme market, but it seemed not remember i had payed for it, and asked for pay.

what should i do???

re-downloading purchased apps

This should help:

Make sure the status of your applications is set to 'Completed' under 'My-Transactions' section.

Having the same problem with

Having the same problem with the same application (Solo).

The app is nowhere to be found in Storage Locker and every time I try to re-download it it says "purchase failed".

The transaction status is indeed set to "completed".

Any other suggestions?

Thank you

StorageLocker & Re-installing apps

We'll need to look into this. Will keep you posted.

Download purchased app

Have the same problem for two apps - Colorix and Abduction! . Both respond with 'purchase failed'. Am using slideme 3.5 on froyo 2.2.

Update. Looks like it's fixed now. downloaded both. Thanks

Sadly I'm still not able to

Sadly I'm still not able to see Solo in my storage locker.

Another app I purchased (DogWhistle) shows just fine.

Thank you in advance.

Edit: I did some trial-and-error checking:

I downloaded and installed an older (cracked) version of Solo.
(for checking purposes only... either way I've already bought the app :)

Then I went into the storage locker and it showed the app normally. I clicked on it, and in the app's information, under Price, it said "you have already purchased this application, it is free to download".

When I clicked on Redownload I once again got a "purchase failed" error.

Now, if I uninstall the (cracked) app, and try to search again for Solo in SAM (while being logged in), under price it says "Application's price is $2.99 USD"

Great, thank you for the

Great, thank you for the swift response!

Can't Redownload Paid App Either w/Storage Locker or Mktplace

Been trying unsuccessfully to redownload my paid app, Got To Do from both Storage Locker or the Marketplace page for the app.

Either way, it looks like app is downloading, as I see the animated down arrow at top of display, but it never actually installs the app!

Have tried about 10 times and no luck!

Any suggestions???




Check your notifications menu click on "Got To Do - Downloaded" to install. If not 'Downloaded' then we can only assume connectivity issues. Simply try again till you get Downloaded status and click to install from notifications menu.

That Did It - Thanks!

Thanks for your help!

Tried downloading again and checked Notifications, clicked on it and Voila!

Weird thing is that I did not see Got To Do show up in Notifications when I was checking it yesterday....go figure.... ;)

The one part of the process for this that was not clear to me was the fact that you have to click on the app in the Notifications list, I had assumed that it downloaded and got installed this is good to know for future....

Cannot update purchased app either

I cannot update a purchased app either. I am using the latest SAM (installed today) and have trouble updating "Chordbot". Here is what I'm doing and where it's failing:

- Go to StorageLocker
- Tap on "Update" on app to update
- Tap on "Update" again on the next page (app main entry)
- Tap "Install" on T&C page
- Tap "Ok" on Permissions window
- Downloading...
- Tap "Ok" on Replace application window
- Tap "Install" on the next step ("Do you want to install this application?")
- Installing...
- Next page says "Application not installed" (tap "Done")
- Back to app main entry with the message "You will not be billed for this transaction [...]"
- System notification says "You have already purchased this [...]" (I cannot read all of the message, because it's too long)

Any help appreciated.

Same error

Getting the same error with N64oid's latest update - anyone able to help?