How does the adding up work on payouts?


I have been selling my app on SlideME for a few weeks now and sales are going pretty well. But I have a couple of questions:

1) I sell my app for $3.50, in the transaction list I get varying payment amounts? Why is this? If I drill into a transaction I see the following:

Transaction Id 32524
Type Sale
Status Completed
Payment fee $0.26 USD
Net amount $2.76 USD
Retail price $3.50 USD

Surely Net Amount = Retail Price - Payment Fee? Which you can see from the transaction above is not the case. This is a real transaction id in case someone from SlideME wants to look at the detail.

2) Why is there no clear 'account balance' view? I see each transaction, but complete/cancelled/delivered etc. transactions are all in this list with no totals. It would be very useful to have an account view that linked up the completed transactions and gave a total for the developer to see.

3) Payouts: I am a UK developer, so from what I see,

  • I need to fill in the IRS form before you will even consider paying me.
  • Then I need to accumulate $100 of sales, which I have to monitor ("The system does not yet automate and issue a report for when you reach the $100 minimum").
  • Then I raise an invoice which I send to US (I am assuming I can email?) and you will pay me.
  • I read in the rate-schedule that you will charge $30 to 'pay me' ("All other remittance fees $30.00") and that the remaining $70, may take some time to get to me 55-57 days? (or did I just completely misunderstand the phrase "Since expected payments from Merchant bank to SlideME bank is under 45-47 days. Remittance is expected within 10 days thereafter.")
  • I am rather hoping that I have misunderstood your documentation on payments and would really appreciate any clarifications you could make.

    I think you have a marvellous offering here and my customers are very grateful you are filling in the gaps that Google have created in their own market.


    Andy Sadler

Clarifying Developer Payouts

Thank you Andy for raising some good questions and initiating such a discussion. Hope my answers will clarify the same for other developers.

Regarding Net amount. If the customer is in a country where sales tax is applicable, such as VAT, this amount needs to be considered. You can review this FAQ for more details. We have also included a link on Rate-Schedule to this Sales Tax FAQ. In your case, the sale was to Spain where you can also see clearly from clicking on buyer link. Expect this week an update to the transaction detail page presenting this information more clearly.

Just wanted to point out that this is where SlideME shines for developers. SlideME handles all the invoicing and complexities with applying sales taxes to end users, instead of developers requiring to understand how to invoice and apply sales taxes to every sale as required by Android Market.

Developers of SlideME need to issue a single invoice only to SlideME for every payout and not for every sale(since SlideME takes care of this part, selling to the end users). If we do not receive an invoice from developers, then the whole amount of the sale will be considered 100% profit (since we won't have a cost/expense invoice) and SlideME will be taxed accordingly on the whole amount, which will not make much business sense.

Indeed, the reporting as you stated needs work and automation, as its pretty much just 'raw' data, but we are working on improving this part as its been much in demand by all developers. This feature has been making the #1 priority but then we see it drop as new partners join SlideME along with requests, so we can all provide more reach for all applications which takes precedence, as I am sure all developers should respect. e.g.

In terms of the remittance fees, they have been also updated as of today on the Rate-Schedule and only fees apply when there is an actual cost to remit payments. Paypal is free and only bank wires will have a fee since there is a cost involved. Overall, where there is a cost involved, SlideME will pass such a cost onwards, since we payout 'the lot' to developers.

Remittance period or time frames, are depicted on the Rate Schedule as the maximum period. Lately we have been remitting payments within the same day or even a few days after we receive the invoice from the developer. A developer receives along with the first report, a template like invoice, so they can use this as a basis how to format an invoice and future invoices to SlideME. If developers suggest some other approach or for us to find a way to improve our services, this is where we would listen and try our best. If SlideME could not accommodate its publishers(developers) at best, then we would not be be a true Marketplace.

Invoices can indeed be sent via email. At this stage since reporting is not automated, developers are kindly requested to contact SlideME, so our staff can issue a report and send along a template invoice. Developers can reply to our report email to send their invoices, and the W-8BEN form (only once), if they are non-USA tax residents.

Hope this answers most of your questions. Please do ask, if something is not clear.


Thank you very much for your complete and detailed reply.

You have clarified the whole procss for me with respect to payments/invoicing - invoice templates and email communication for all steps will certainly make this process easier from my (UK) perspective.

The deductions for local tax make sense and with a slight upgrade to the transaction detail screen (that you mention is coming soon) then I think that all the sums will balance :)

I completely understand your need to prioritise changes! But I would like to request an 'account statement' view which includes details of all completed transactions, all payments/received invoices and a running total of what the developer is owed. If such a report is not already on your list then could this be added for the future?

Keep up the great work! Thanks again,


Running total

I still can't see the total amount owed to the developer. Please implement this soon.

I like SlideMe, but the number of loose ends is worrying me.

Export options

There is an export option and a CSV for raw data available for developers.
There is a lot coming with analytics console for developers.