Reviews of 4EXT Recovery Control

Great app, would highly recommend it!

Great app, would highly recommend it!

I bought this app on the 'other' market but then deleted my GMail account due to privacy concerns. Asked the developer if he could transfer my license to my new (anonymized) GMail account so that I could get the updates but he was unable. He refunded me without even asking and so I bought it here.

Absolutely a must-have app. I use it every few days after I've added new apps/data. I use it to do zip installs etc. Far better than ROM Manager which has adverts in it even after you pay for it and which requires far more permissions.

Thank you.

Must have App when you are using 4EXT Recovery! (and you really should do it)

Would be too much to list all brilliant features, but you can do everything u want.
Easy install of newest Recovery when released, Choose several .zip's to install in one go and watch the magic happen (immense time reducing!), managing backups the easiest way possible and much much more.

This App combined with 4EXT Recovery itself is just awesome!

Amazing app which perfectly fits to the 4Ext Recovery!
I really like the features the app provides. One of my most favorite feature is to make a task in the app which does several things with on reboot. E.g. backup rom, full wipe, install new rom, install new kernel with just one reboot. Amazing
It also lets check you MD5 checksums before installing zips, no extra app needed any more

I recommend this app to everyone who uses 4Ext recovery and everybody else, too ;)

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