Grumpy Fish Grumpy Fish v0.5.8

Grumpy Fish - dynamic arcade game where the strong eats the weak


Floopy Tap Floopy Tap v1.0.5

Imagine the most difficult arcade game with great cartoon graphics for your phone. This is Floopy Tap!


Punch 'em! Punch 'em! v1.28

Punch cute animals appearing from holes in the ground.

To get as good score as possible on a level you should hit the creatures as fast and as accurate as you can.


ChickenVsTheWorld ChickenVsTheWorld v1.0

Sequel to WDTCCTS. New cars, trains, ships and more.


Two Two v1.0

two balls, two fingers, two sides. one stamina bar. one score: your score


Rekt Rekt v1.2.6

Rekt - The Game for Squares!

Drag the player around to doge falling spikes. Collect coins and powerups to beat your high score.


Galactic PingPong Galactic PingPong v1.01

Galactic PingPong is classic 2 player Ping Pong game, remade in new graphics. You can enjoy playing against your friends or family. Choose from one of currently available modes - 60 or 120 seconds. Adjust the music and sound volume on options. as well as sensitivity of the touch controlls. Touch your half of the screen to get your bat moving. Collect power-ups to bring more action to the game.


SkyJump SkyJump v1

Sky Jump a fast paced arcade game where you get all the coins and gems to obtain a high score while dodging enemies..


Snake Charmer Snake Charmer v1.09

Snake Charmer is a dynamic arcade free game in which you need to collect prizes while avoiding touching the walls and crossing itself (except for "Zen" mode). Apart from the main prize - the apples there are secondary prizes : mouse , egg, mushroom. The game has three modes: " Classic " (9 levels) , "Arcade" (one life) , "Zen " (infinite).


Fellow Fishes Fellow Fishes v1.0.1

Save your fellow fishes!


TheRobotUprising TheRobotUprising v0.3

The Robot-Apocalypse is here! Survive as many days as you can during The Robot Uprising! The Robot Uprising is a Top-Down 2D game built using the Unity Engine.


DinoSlide DinoSlide v1.0

Dinoslide is an awesome slide down the hill adventure. The real adventure and excitement is in driving the powerful Dinosaurs with killing them.


Artillery Duel Artillery Duel v2.0

A One-on-One Artillery battle. Play against your friend or against the CPU.


Smashy Ball Smashy Ball v2.3

Get dizzy in a world filled with falling blocks. With different themes and music, pressure is built the further you go.


Rush Runner 3D Rush Runner 3D v1.0

- amazing 3d fun & addictive runner game
- most fun & challenge with endless levels
- 4 different characters with special abilities
- great powerups collection
- full HD graphics and tablet Support


Super Kites Super Kites v1.0

If you like some great flying action on your screen, Super Kites comes with all the right ingredients.


Dream Chase Dream Chase v1.0

Kirara is a dream chaser and ready to take on any adventure that comes her way.


Fish Rider Fish Rider v1.0

- Endless Runner Style game play
- Four different fabulous fish
- 40 different achievements
- Leader Boards
- Power Ups
- One touch game play that is easy to learn
- Keep track of your top 20 scores
- full HD graphics tablet Support
- game center enabled - challenge your friends
- Beautiful Graphics & sound effects


Snail Run Snail Run v1.0.0

Snail Run is excelent adventure, which will bring you joy and make you happy.


Allstar Juggler Allstar Juggler v1.21

Allstar Juggler will test your precision & focusing skills to the max.