Voice Morpher - Paid Voice Morpher - Paid v1.0(Paid)

>>Change your own voice at a single click and also add various background sounds to this.

>>Current voice effects are: "Slapping Face", "Helium", "Xtreme Helium","Barry White","Xtreme Barry White", "Evil", "Robot", "Alien", "Monster", "Cyborg", "Chipmunk", "Original". Stay tuned for more cool effects!

>>Current background sounds are: "Airplane", "Airport", "Battle", "Crowd", "Rain", "Street". Stay tuned for more cool backgrounds!


Internet Radio Jazz Internet Radio Jazz v1.5

Enjoy live streaming internet radio right on your android mobile, Jazz.

Listen to internet radio on your Android phone.

This free app gives you access to dozens of online radio stations, focusing on jazz.


Winner Winner v10.0

a Very Fast Automatic Re-dialer for your phone!


Banner It Banner It v1.3

Create a banner that you can add pictures, take photos, play music or sound effects while your message is displayed, add text effects etc so have fun. You can even save your favorite banners so you can retrieve them later.


Ask A Pirate Ask A Pirate v1.0

Have your questions answered by a pirate! That's right, a pirate!


Da Marco Da Marco v1.8

Marco Del Grotto, un giovane pizzaiolo di Caserta, ha il piacere di
presentarvi la sua "Pizzeria DA MARCO".
La sua Pizzeria è nata dall'idea ambiziosa di offrire alla propria clientela il gusto di
un'ottima Pizza e non solo, unita alla qualità del servizio al giusto prezzo!


Christmas tree Christmas tree v1.0

Enjoy creating your own Christmas tree. Choose your decorations, lights and presents.


Advent calendar carols Advent calendar carols v1.0

Advent calendars display the days of December left before Christmas.
This advent calendar represents each day with a number and a Santa Claus hat:
this hat is hanging on the left if you can open the box and on the the right if the displayed day is not passed as yet.
By clicking on a click enabled day, a Christmas carol appears.


Spratlys Defense Spratlys Defense v1.0.2

Let’s explore and protect Truong Sa island together!!!


My paints My paints v1.8

Let's draw!

My Paints Pro is one of the best painting tools for children and adults. It contains many brushes (over 30) and other features, such as eraser, undo-redo, image loading/saving/sharing and more!


Love-Photo Love-Photo v1.0

Create unique pictures with you and your beloved one! Express your feelings!


VisualTest VisualTest v1.0

Freak your friends!
This application seems to be a visual test but behind it lies a frightening image accompanied by a terrifying cry, which is activated when the maximum attention of prey.


Almoskonyv Online Almoskonyv Online v1.4

*** Dream book only in hungarian language. ***


乐围棋 乐围棋 v1.5.383

Idea Chess -WeiQi is free for you to play, review, score GO.
GO, a game installed in android device is a traditional game of 2000+ years in China and now popular in Japan, Korean and China.
You can play GO with the device due to the intelligent technique in the program.
You can open and save a SGF file, which is the common file format for this game.
The smart input method makes your convenience to use compact size of smart phone, pad.


乐升级 乐升级 v1.7.383

Idea Tractor, also called by "upgrade", "80 scores" or "double pick-up", uses double sets of poker.
4 persons, divided into 2 teams, try to earn more scores in order to enter higher level.
1. The rule is as simple as possible, so it's very funny to play with other 3 friends and have a match.
2. Enjoy your easy and leisure time during the game.
3. Need not register to the internet, so you can enjoy wireless mobile life at any place.


BullWhip BullWhip v2.0.0

Trick your friends with our app!
Hit'n'Smash them! Roll ya whip!

New version available soon...


Hatometr Hatometr v1.0

Kill the unicorn and feel better! Take the stress!


Music Galaxy Music Galaxy v1.0.5

The greatest hits of today and yesterday's favorites, the music we love and became an integral part of our life is now on our mobile. Music Galaxy is now in our Android mobile. A prerequisite is to have Internet from Wi-Fi or 3G network.


Best Picture Best Picture v1.0

This app provides a list of movies, awarded "Best Picture" Academy Award, for the last eighty-three years--from 1927 to 2010. See movie title, year, and running time. Tap on the info icon to read all about the movie. Tap on the chat icon to discuss this movie with other folks. Tap on the screen icon to watch ralated YouTube videos of this movie, such as trailers, performances, parodies, and interviews.


Dalai Lama Test Dalai Lama Test v1.0

The Dalai Lama said read it to see if it works for you.
Just 3 questions. Do not cheat by looking up the answers. The mind is like a parachute it works best when it is opened.
The Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual leader, is said to have put forward this personality test for you to better know yourself.
You can mail the test to friends...