HPReady HPReady v0.0.1

Change the "ready" text on some HP and Lexmark printers


PSN Trophy Pal PSN Trophy Pal v1.0

The best amazing widget for PSN in your android!

Enjoy this full version that you will be able to get all deep information about you and your friend's games.

* keep more informs in widget as you actual level
* Send the game information by email.
* Points earned and points to be achieve in each game.
* change the psnid in order to see your friends games and send to email.
* Detailed score of each game, just touch on game list image in order to see it.


Virtual Safe Game Virtual Safe Game v1.0

Puzzle game requiring a very high concentration.
The game has 15 levels and 3 types of VIRTUAL SAFES for you to open.


CrossDefense CrossDefense v1.0

A fast paced survial tower defense. Carefully construct a maze with your available towers, combine their effects and crush as many waves as possible incoming from all sides.


SnookerScoreKeeper SnookerScoreKeeper v1.02

This is a snooker score board. You can keep track of your snooker scores now without knowing how much each ball is worth, by
simply tapping on the ball you have potted.


Gomoku Gomoku v1.2

Gomoku is an abstract strategy board game. Also called Gobang or Five in a Row, it is traditionally played with go pieces (black and white stones) on a go board (19x19 intersections)


Alphabet Jumper Alphabet Jumper v1.0

Help the ball to catch the diamond. But remember to stay on the trampoline!


iOS Dark v2 iOS Dark v2 v1.1

iOS style theme for GO launcher EX.
- Cool dark iOS style icons.
- More wallpapers.
- Awesome graphics.
- Now icons backgrounds more awesome!


FruitTap FruitTap v9.0

FruitTap is a fun game to play.


Fling! Fling! v1.0.5


A #1 selling app in Apple's AppStore, and played by over 10 million puzzle-game lovers worldwide, Fling! is an addictive puzzle-game based a unique concept, which is simple yet infinitely challenging. Ideal for all ages.

Featuring over 100,000 unique puzzles, and split into 35 levels of gradually increasing difficulty, Fling guarantees you many long hours of puzzling fun!


Are You Funny Are You Funny v2.0

Are you funny? You can check it now. It's a fun test that can determine whether you are fun personality with a sense of humor or not at all. Each game has 10 fun, sometimes even idiotic, questions. Each question has 3 far more hilarious answers. Choose one answer you like best. Finally, you will see the final result.


SamuraiZombies SamuraiZombies v0.0.1


Travel with Sam Swipe through 45 beautifully crafted scenes in the land of the rising sun. The Orks are wreaking havoc and it’s the job of the adventurous Sam Swipe to bring an end to all their chaos.
The Orks have ravaged the beautiful landscape with cunning traps in order to protect themselves.



Smash A Mole Smash A Mole v1.63

Smash moles to score as many points as you can before the time runs out!


Road Cross(Pro) Road Cross(Pro) v1.0

Pro version of Road Cross. Time and pedestrians killer for Android.
Now you can kill zombies. 4-ways crossroads. Hardcore! Everything unlocked.


Trap Ball Plus Edición Billar Trap Ball Plus Edición Billar v1.15

Play Trap Ball challenge and test your skills.
In Trap Ball you will go through stages filled with traps: You must escape from lasers, spikes, other balls chasing you, and many more things while you try to make it to the goal. Accept the challenge and test your skills!


3D Santa Claus 3D Santa Claus v1.0

You are Santa Claus. The sled came out you gifts. Find them all.


PogoSheep PogoSheep v1.0

Play as a sheep and bounce your way over and under obstacles to survive.

Try to get the highscore against your friends and the rest of the world.


Walls Pro Walls Pro v1.0.0

Walls is a mind bobbling, new but old school feel game. ready to test even the best gamers nerves! Can you avoid the WALLS!


88 Card Game 88 Card Game v1.2

No Ads. Like games Card 28 / 29, Spades, Hearts,Whist? You will love this one.


Trow's Space Trow's Space v0.0.11

This is a game of ships, where your ship you have to shoot more aliens bases.

You can shoot down alien bases on "Surge," when you destroy all alien base so the level is restarted, increasing difficulty and more enemies, the game is practically infinite, but obviously goes so far until the game is create a "Glitch", as Pac-Man to get to level 256.