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SolarTransporter is a free 3D-Game for Google Android devices such as mobile phones. There are 7 levels. The aim of the game is to transport a given number of passengers to their favoured positions in 3 minutes per level. If you transport all passengers you will be beamed into the next level. For every passenger you picked up and for every transported passenger you earn points. After each level there is a bonus level. In each bonus level you have to pick up bananas to get more points. At the end of the game you can enter your score into the online highscore, the local highscore or both regardless of winning the game or not. Different objects like asteroids are flying around in the aerospace. If your spaceship collides with an asteroid, you will loose power. If you do not have enough power, you will loose one of your 3 initial lives.

During the game you must hold your Android phone in landscape orientation!

  • Accelerate: Tilt your Android device towards you or if the "Acceleration / Brake tilting" checkbox in the settings is not checked tilt it off you!
  • Brake: Tilt your Android device off you or if the "Acceleration / Brake tilting" checkbox in the settings is not checked tilt it towards you!
  • Turn left: Tilt your Android device left!
  • Turn right: Tilt your Android device right!
  • Ascension: Accelerate!
  • Descend: Brake!

There are 7 discrete height levels. You must accelerate to ascend and brake to descend. So for instance if you accelerate and have reached a certain threshold, you will ascend. The height levels are visualized at the tachometer on the HUD. You are not able to turn left or right at the deepest height level.

Do not forget to calibrate the accelerometer in the settings!

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Parental rating: 
Not rated
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Terms And Conditions/Copyright: 

SolarTransporter is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3 (GPLv3)!

Disclaimer and terms of use:
You must use SolarTransporter at your own risk! SolarTransporter is free which means that you can use SolarTransporter for free. But there can be fees for the internet connection especially while downloading SolarTransporter and using or viewing the online highscore. SolarTransporter is a 3D game which needs a very fast Android device. So we can not guarantee that SolarTransporter works well on your device!

We reserve the right to suspend the whole SolarTransporter project including this website and the highscore without any information at any time. Furthermore we reserve the right to delete entries at the online highscore if we have doubt that the person who inserted the highscore is a cheater or if the nickname conflicts with the law, the conventions or the morality.

Privacy Policy:
The local highscore, the settings and if you check the "Remember me" checkbox at the settings your nickname and your password hash for the online highscore are saved on your Android device. These data usually cannot by read by any other application. If you use the online highscore, your nickname, your password hash, the date and time of the insertion, the time you played for that highscore, the transported passengers, the killed passengers, the killed terrorists, the picked bananas, if you won the game or not, the last level, the score and some information to verify the validity of your highscore are submitted to a webserver and saved there. These information except your password hash and the information to verify the validity of the highscore can be seen on your Android device and on the SolarTransporter's website. But only your best highscore is stored on the webserver, which means that the new highscore overwrites the old highscore.



Target Android version: 
Android 1.6
Minimum Android version: 
Android 1.6
Minimum screen width: 
240 dpx
Requires features: 
Screen landscape, Touchscreen
Requires configurations: 
Does not require a navigation control (wheel, trackball, d-pad, etc)., Does not require a touch screen.
Requires permissions: 
Internet, Vibrate

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