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# The major feature is checking and deleting of external (emulated SD Card) cache.
# There is no background service for battery life.

Cache consists of both internal (system) cache and external (emulated SD card) cache.

Android OS version-specific cache properties and the JS Cache Cleaner's behavior.

# ~ less than Honeycomb 3.0.X
- Only internal (system) cache exists.
- With a one click, you can delete the internal caches of all apps.

# Honeycomb 3.0.X ~ up to Jellybean 4.1.X
- The internal cache and external(SD card) cache exist.
- With a one click, you can delete the internal caches of all apps.
- External cache can not be deleted with a one click. (Android OS feature)
- In the app's details page, you can delete the external cache manually.
(If you click on list item, app's details page will be displayed)

# Jellybean 4.2.X or Higher
- Internal and external cache exist, same with 3.0.X ~ 4.1.X case.
- Each app has 8KB or 12KB default cache. (Android OS feature)
- The functions of displaying the size of the all caches and deleting all caches, are added to the Android OS storage settings page.
(If you click on the appropriate button in the JS Cache Cleaner, storage settings page will be displayed.)


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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JS Cache Cleaner
JS Cache Cleaner
JS Cache Cleaner
JS Cache Cleaner


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Android 4.4
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Android 2.3.3
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Clear app cache, Get package size

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