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This is a cheap reliable gold guide, developed by a gold farmer. For those who have more trouble earning their keep. I tested this guide on 10 memebers of my guild. They went from an average of 4k weekly to help upkeep their gear/enchants/gems/flasks and such, to an average of 7k per day. The end poll showed these players played on average of 2 hours per day, only farming for 1/2 of the time and where able to produce epic results with just 15 hours a week. In this guide I share my tips in tricks on using your professions to earn 10k+ gold a day in just a simple routine. This app will be kept up on a regular basis, and there will be a release of a Pdf. gold guide with my secret mobs, and huge gold makers. The pdf. version is intended for intense farmers who like to make 200k+ daily with just a week of work. This guide is not for the weak or weary. If your a hardcore gamer, and you just never have time to grind for gold.. Get this guide, and you'll be swimming in it!


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This App is Copyright 2012 Under Illinois federal law. Syraxlive Developers Owns and operates under penalty of the corperate law of america. All items on this app are subject to any and all interpretations of the law, and can and will be prosecuted for all ofenses, including but not limited to copyright infringement, Software licence theft. This Gold guide could violate the terms and conditions of Blizzard Entertainment, and should be used as a knowledge pool of resources. This app is not intended nor shall it be interpreted as a tool. I would consider this app, the gold wiki for wow. Please refrain from abuse!

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All Rights Reserved to SyraxLive Developers. This app is for personal use only. It is not intended to be shared, and doing so is considered copyright infringement. Please refrain from abuse and enjoy our incredible gold making guide!

Got Gold
Got Gold
Got Gold


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