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Use different types of gears on three different planes to explore the fun of gear mechanics. Free mode allows you to create big systems of gears for your own exploration. Game mode offers many levels with a variety of unique types of level completion.

Levels include turning target gears at a certain RPM, grinding coffee, sawing wood and more. Completing levels isn't just about stringing together gears together; gears must be arranged to increase or decrease speed (or both). Score is based on completion time and number of gears used. A lower score is best, so use as few gears as possible in the least amount of time!

There are two types of motors, an engine and a hand crank. Gear alignment happens automatically. Drag and drop a new gear on top of an existing gear and it will line up just right.


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Everyone (age 6 and over)
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This game does not access any information stored on your phone in anyway and does not connect to the internet in any fashion.

Gears Gears Everywhere
Gears Gears Everywhere
Gears Gears Everywhere
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Android 2.1
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240 dpx
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