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A SCUBA diving gas mixing application. Computes required amounts of oxygen, helium, and top-up gas (air or something else) to mix nitrox and trimix. Also computes MODs, EADs, ENDs, and best mixes. v 2.8 adds support for continuous nitrox and trimix blending in addition to partial pressure blending.

v 2.8.3 Fixes a bug in computing END's when "O2 is Narcotic" is turned off (really this time)

This app supports Van der Waals mixing in addition to ideal gas, but to do so it requires my free SCUBA tanks application. This app is available on the Android Market, here on SlideME, and directly from my project website.

Source code is on the project website: Email with questions.


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The application is licensed under the Apache License version 2.0. Source code is available from the project website. I put a cost on this application to encourage donations for further development of this and other SCUBA diving Android applications.

Gas Mixer
Gas Mixer


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Android 2.2
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Android 1.5
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240 dpx
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new release

I bought this application through slideme and I cannot now upgrade to latest version, because it is not available here. Please provide latest versions also on slideme!

Gas Mixer crash

Upgraded to 2.8.3 from 2.8.1 and application does not start. Getting error "The application Gas Mixer (process divestocklimb.gasmixer) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."
2.8.1 was working. Running on HTC Desire. Please fix it.

Update: found why it crash. After upgrade, Scuba Tanks had different metric settings than Gas Mixer. After changing metric settings in Scuba Tanks 1.3, Gas Mixer starts. Then I could change metric settings in Gas Mixer back to what I want.

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