Sensor Camera Pro Sensor Camera Pro v2.3.0

"A good photograph is knowing where to stand."
-Ansel Adams.
The only rule in photography is that there are no rules. However, there are are number of established composition guidelines which can be applied in almost any situation, to enhance the impact of a scene.

PRO version:
-ISO control
-Exposure control
-No Ads
-Better battery performance
-More exclusive features soon...


Sketch Camera Sketch Camera v1.0

Watch the world as a sketch


Sketchy Snaps Premium Sketchy Snaps Premium v5

An easy-to-use Android app which makes your photos look like one which is created by an artist. This app creats pencil sketch, Crayon sketch, blurry sketch of your photos. You can pick a picture from your gallery or capture one from built in camera to generate the sketch. Both black-white and color sketch results can be easily created by selecting required effect. You can share pictures to Facebook, mail it and many more.


SmartCandle SmartCandle v1.0.2

version 1.0.2
What's New :
Now you can select the torch image from 3 images given.For the fans of horror films the horror image will surprise you.
Some minor improvements and bug fixes.
Flashlight Torch
S.O.S. morse code vibration

version 1.0.1
flashlight torch
S.O.S. morse code vibration


SmsApp SmsApp v1.0

You can send unlimited messages on one click.Just Type the number of SMSs and Send it.


Stick And Joy Stick And Joy v2.0

Pictures say more than a thousand words - but smileys are SO last millennium! :-)


Stop Mosquito Stop Mosquito v1.1

How many times have been bitten by a mosquito this summer? Annoying mosquitoes and their bites that itch for ages – this is going to end!!!


Stream Player Stream Player v1.09

Do you love Twitch TV, but hate the choppy playback on Android? Then this is
the application for you. Stream Player supports high definition feeds/streams with up to 720p. No flash required.

Display channels/streams categories in games, players and more.
Search for streams.
Play streams in high definition, if the stream supports it.
Customization of the layout.


Sudoku Sudoku v1.0

Everyone loves a game of Sudoku. Enjoy a game on your Android phone with some soothing background music. Your game will automatically be saved for you to come back to later. The game allows you to turn hints on or off. With hints on, squares with fewer numbers allowed will be highlighted with different colors and invalid inputs will not be allowed.

There are 5 difficulty levels and over 5,000 different boards to play so get started quickly!


Sylloge Sylloge v1.31

Search and view the full Dungeons and Dragons (4e) Compendium from anywhere.

Please note: a D&D Insider account is required to view stat cards just like the full website, which doesn't work in the Android browser.

Not associated with Wizards of the Coast in any way. All Compendium material is copyright WOTC.

Uses SlideLock licensing for validation on first run.


Talking Pooch Pro Talking Pooch Pro v1.9.9

Leisure app that allows your children to have endless laugh
and fun. It is especially designed as a fun & entertainment of all ages. Talking Pooch is your favorite pet dog.

Beautiful background
Voice animations
You can keep him as your pet
Drive him to drink water
Let him bite the bone
Let him Laugh and Lick


TattooIllusion TattooIllusion v1.0

Tattoo Illusion , a collection of fabulous designer tattoos in multiple categories that let you experiance the fun and thrill of a tattoo itself anytime via your android gadget.
You can even select image from your phone.
So what are you waiting for?
Try this application & make your fantasies possible.Simply carve out diffrent tattoo designs on diffrent body parts & figure out what looks good and what stands out..!!


Test Of Life Test Of Life v1.6

Do you want to know how long will you live?
Try the TEST OF LIFE app and find out.
Do you want to know too how does smoking, over o under eating and your genetics can affect your life span? By answering TEST OF LIFE questions in different ways you can see how these can affect your life expectancy.


Text To Speech Text To Speech v1.1

Text To Speech App With Pitch, Speed Control, Multiple Languages, Save To SD Card, Slick And Easy To Use Interface etc...


Tool 1 Tool 1 v1.2

Joseph Hamming, a researcher in the University of Montreal (Canada) has a strange accident that will mark the beginning of a soul-searching journey and change his destiny for good.


Tool 3 - The cathedral of the future Tool 3 - The cathedral of the future v1.0

TOOL#3: “The cathedral of the future”
Genres: Science-Fiction, Action/Adventure

Art and story: Francesco Salvatore
Color: Wilmar Castro Gonzalez
Inks assistant: Stefano Sironi
Cover: Gabriele Venturelli
English translation: Alice Salvatore e Andrea Berardini


Tres Cerditos Tres Cerditos v1.1

The Three Little Pigs is full of scenes where you can interact with the characters, children can interact without losing track because every time there's a new scene, some of starlets animation tells them where they play.

You just read it and play with the characters by choosing "I want to read it"
Scenes full of fun animations.

Touch and drag items, solve puzzles, play cards and find the differences. Now in addition to read and interact, spend a nice time solving the various games.


Twister Spinner Twister Spinner v1.0

Miss the twister game? You dislike the twister spinner? Get a special one!


UnderWaterLive UnderWaterLive v1.1

Let's be in water. This is a live wallpaper which gives you a real look in water. Whenever you will touch the water, you will get nice waves on your screen and let's touch more and more to get more waves and fun in water.
Nice looking wallpapers ever!
Enjoy it!
هذه هي خلفية العيش التي تعطيك نظرة حقيقية في المياه. كلما كنت وسوف تلمس المياه ، وسوف تحصل على موجات لطيفة على الشاشة ودعونا لمسة أكثر وأكثر للحصول على مزيد من موجات والمرح في الماء


Urinator Urinator v1.0

Would you like to know how it feels to go to the bathroom after several shots? If so, try the amusing game called Urinator, in which you will try to use the toilet without making a mess.