Winner Winner v10.0

a Very Fast Automatic Re-dialer for your phone!


Da Marco Da Marco v1.8

Marco Del Grotto, un giovane pizzaiolo di Caserta, ha il piacere di
presentarvi la sua "Pizzeria DA MARCO".
La sua Pizzeria è nata dall'idea ambiziosa di offrire alla propria clientela il gusto di
un'ottima Pizza e non solo, unita alla qualità del servizio al giusto prezzo!


VisualTest VisualTest v1.0

Freak your friends!
This application seems to be a visual test but behind it lies a frightening image accompanied by a terrifying cry, which is activated when the maximum attention of prey.


Love Radio Lite Love Radio Lite v1.0

Feel the love at each and every moment of your life!!!

Carry love music wherever you go.


Christmas Radio Christmas Radio v1.0

Enjoy Christmas more with Christmas Radio for Android!


Fire Clock Collection Fire Clock Collection v1.1

Tongues of flame are not the same - Happiness is their name.

Burn the fire in your mind! Win the game of any kind!
Don't forget to calm your soul! Here and now is the goal.
Tongues of flame are not the same - happiness is their name.

* contains 10 clock variants
* each clock available in 4 widget sizes: 1x1, 2x2, 4x3, 4x4
* links to alarm clock
* no ads


Rock Clock Rock Clock v2.6

Light your fire and get higher! Let it rock with this Clock!

Clock widget for your home screen.

* contains 10 clock variants of 2x2 widget size
* links to alarm clock
* matching wallpaper available here for FREE:

Buy the "Rock Clock Deluxe" to get an Ads Free version of this clock which additionally includes ten 1x1 sized clocks!


MMOsite Reader MMOsite Reader vv1.1

Pick up latest MMORPG & MMO news around the network from


OpticIllusionsWallpaper OpticIllusionsWallpaper v1.0

Like illusions? Optical illusions are cool and this wallpaper gallery is for you. We will update it occasionally to show new wallpapers so you have a 'fresh' set. Also installs a small size gallery so you can show off and share your pics with friends.


Fart Attack Fart Attack v1.0

Fully Loaded Gasbag!!!


Foolish Dictionary Foolish Dictionary v1.0

A dictionary with a twist!



Pack your bags and get ready for a journey full of mirthful mayhem, as Comediyaan Punjabi VERSION is finally here to rescue you from stress-land and take you to laughter heaven! Comediyaan Punjabi brings you hilarious, rib-tickling, gut busting PUNJABI jokes and stand-up comedy routines that are sure to give your funny bone a healthy workout! You’re just a few clicks away from letting our circus full of regional comedy champions melt your worries away.

This app is for those who crave for a little more punjabi flavor in their jokes. This is the perfect companion to have laughter on the go and to give your mood a li’l nudge in the right direction when you need it the most.

The VOLUME 1 contains routines by regional superstar comics such as:
• Pervaiz Siddiqui
• Rauf Lala
• Shakeel Shah
• Saleem Afridi
• Zakir Mastana
• Sikandar Sanam
• Allah Rakha
• Jan Rambo
• Naseem Vicky
• Zafri


myRemote myRemote v1.06

Simply the best remote control for Windows Media Center


New Year Wishes New Year Wishes v1.0

Scan your friends and discover what they wish in the New Year 2010!

Have fun, get respect and increase your popularity with the newest scanner!

*The app is a joke, so don’t take it too seriously.


WallQuake WallQuake v1.2.1

Shake your phone to set wallpaper from Flickr or local pictures collection.
After timeout application automatically removed from memory.


AComicView AComicView v1.2

support zip formate : zip, cbz
support file formate : jpg, bmp, gif, png

- Touch to Key move function (20081026)
- Left->Down, Down->Left (20090314)
- Page Divid ( first page left, first page right) (20090328)
- the page overlap one another.(20090514)
- wait dialog insert (20090606)
- rar, cbr file format not support ...
- memory bug fix (20100121)
- message bug fix, full screen menu add, /sdcard first directory (20100210)
- image size modify (20100304)
- Flip orientation memu insert(20100718)
- next delay fix(20100729)
- memory error fix(20100809)
- ZIP upercase open error fix(20100814)
- open memory error fix(20100814)
- seceen fit support(20100823)
- memoey error fix etc (20100823)
- page move (goto menu insert)(20100830)
- next zip comic view(20100830)
// demo link


Gladiator Soundboard Gladiator Soundboard v1.2

A great selection of the best 30 audio clips from the movie in only 1Mb.

- sounds can be set as ringtones or notification (long click)
- loud sounds
- share all sounds on facebook using a flash widget (from menu)
- tell a friend about the app via email or SMS (from menu)

Please rate, comment, share or send us an email!


Movie Finder Movie Finder v1.6.3

Movie Finder allows you to quickly search movie and showtime information in the theaters around you.


Tangram Master Lite Tangram Master Lite v3.1.0

Integrated T Puzzle and China Tangram game together. It is a great challenge to your geometric imagination! 81 puzzles(IQ100-120).


Britely Britely v1.0.6

Light peg drawing tool. 8 Retro glowy colors. Save creations to SD card for sharing!