Interstellar Flight Music Visualizer Pro Interstellar Flight Music Visualizer Pro v2.32

Travel through the starfields, nebulas, supernovas and galaxies of the cosmos! This is both a 3D music visualizer and a Live wallpaper, which displays over 20 colorful nebulas. You will experience your favorite music visualized in lots of colors through the stars and nebulas. 8 different themes for the music visualization is included.


You can create your own space world from 17 galaxies and stars like Sirius and Alpha Centauri.


Cop Chase Live Wallpaper Cop Chase Live Wallpaper v1

An intense cop chase on your phone or tablet background!


SkyUmbrella SkyUmbrella v1.0

Beautiful live wallpaper with girl and umbrella for your Android device.


BLOODMoon BLOODMoon v1.1

Blood red icon pack, over 3,000 icons, hundreds of wallpapers, and full multi-launcher support!


Yamanote Melodies+Ringtones Yamanote Melodies+Ringtones v1.2

Station jingle songs from Tokyo's Yamanote subway with downloadable ringtones.


Lovely Snowfall Lovely Snowfall v1.28

Lovely Snowfall is a nice and smooth Live Wallpaper showing a beautiful winter snow


Christmas Snap Live Wallpaper Christmas Snap Live Wallpaper v1.0.1

Decorate phone with this mesmerizing wallpaper,with photo of your beloved person
Get a live wallpaper with photo of your beloved person,feel yourself to be with him/her,every time and everywhere, in this Christmas.


jLockscreen jLockscreen v1.0

A beautiful lock screen with good design.


Earth the Planet Earth the Planet v1.7

3D Space Wallpaper for Android. Without advertisement!


Espartan Espartan v1.0

tema para cm 11 y telefonos rooteados , tema inspirado en la pelicula 300.


Noodles Noodles v1.7

Dish of noodles for your desktop. For really gourmets!


Mustache Mustache v1.7

It's a great Mustache Live Wallpaper for your Android device. It's simple and cute.


Hamlet the Cat Hamlet the Cat v1.0.2

Do you wanna cat? We have one for you!


Neon Red Neon Red v1.3.4

A paid version of the Neon Red Free theme which along with the CM (AOSP) apps themes Google Apps as well.


Ascent to transcendence Full version Ascent to transcendence Full version v1.1

Travel through space and time into parallel realities with this app. You will experience alien worlds filled with shining constellations. Each constellation contains stars surrounded by plasma fields. Start your Ascent to transcendence now!

You can choose between 12 constellations like "Interdimensional eye", "Merkhaba vortex structure" and "Mega
spiral galaxy", You can choose between 15 color combinations for how the plasma pulsates. 7 different backgrounds are available.


3D Space Live Wallpaper Full 3D Space Live Wallpaper Full v1.66

Get a UFOs space for you!
3D Space Live Wallpaper HD is a live wallpaper which gives you the pleasure to make your own fun and beautiful space


Asteroid Belt Asteroid Belt v1.03

See how the asteroid belt might look like.


3D Galaxy Live Wallpaper Full 3D Galaxy Live Wallpaper Full v1.67

Enjoy a 3D Space Galaxy. Full 3D enviroment in HD using OpenGL 2.0


Type Your Ringtone Pro Type Your Ringtone Pro v2.0.2

Finally, your phone can speak!


PaperSea Live Wallpaper PRO PaperSea Live Wallpaper PRO v1.9

Paper Sea Live Wallpaper is colourful cartoon depicted in antique style!