Star Trek Sounds Star Trek Sounds v1.0.1

A collection of over 50 sounds from the Star Trek Series. Sounds can be played directly from the soundboard app or saved as ringtones, notifications, or alarms.

The sounds come primarily from TOS and TNG but also includes a clip from Enterprise.

To save sound or set as alarm, long-click the button. App to SD enabled.


Chemistry Q&a Chemistry Q&a v1.0

Helps students studying for Chemistry with Q & A, with rankings! Prepare for that next test or quiz with this free mobile app game. For example: Which of the following is NOT present in all living organisms? a' Sodium, b' Carbon, c' Hydrogen?


Trivia Championship Challenge Trivia Championship Challenge v1.0

Can you do it? Try to answer the fun and brain thinking questions. Answer the questions quickly and try for the WORLD WIDE Trivia CHALLENGE!!! Are you smart enough?


TV Recaps TV Recaps v1.0.25

Your source for TV recaps, reviews, celebrity biographies, fun facts and more...


Quiz 2 General Knowledge Quiz 2 General Knowledge v3.0

The 2nd in my series of general knowledge quizzes.


Quiz 3 General Knowledge Quiz 3 General Knowledge v3.0

The 3rd and most difficult to date of my quizzes


FreePlay Football Quiz FreePlay Football Quiz v1.0.3

Take the challenge and test your football knowledge


The Warriors The Warriors v1.2

If you like Warriors, Just go for it.

Its pleasure for me to create wallpaper app of such characters(Achilles & Maximus).Finest images of Characters are included in this application. Through the Application...

-> IMDb rating of character's movie.
-> You can set image as phone's wall.
-> You can save images in phone's gallery.
-> Instant app rating.
-> You can find more apps from Phoenix.asit.

So, Set your favorite character on your ph's wall & enjoy the application.


Reality Distortion Field Reality Distortion Field v1.1

The famous Reality Distortion Field- now always with you on your Android phone!


Wer wird Rheinland-Pfaelzer Wer wird Rheinland-Pfaelzer v1.4.3

Quiz über Rheinland-Pfalz - ergattern Sie die 1000.000 Punkte!


Wired Mobile Wired Mobile v6.3.1 the daily technology news website right ON YOUR ANDROID!


LOTR Quiz LOTR Quiz v2.0

Lord of The Rings Quiz


SC2 Tips PRO SC2 Tips PRO v1.3

Starcraft 2 tips and secrets stayed hidden from the players for too long! Now completely FREE!

This app is here to help you discover the EDGE and utilise it!
Those tips and tricks are used by some of the best PRO players around the world - Idra, DRG, MVP, Nestea, Destiny.


Gossip Girl Quiz Gossip Girl Quiz v2.1

This quiz is about American teen drama serial movie named Gossip Girl.
It is based on a book and one of the most famous movies these days like:
The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds , Glee , Jersey Shore...

This quiz has interesting questions about the main roles in this movie.
It also has pictures that should make it easier for you to get to the right answer.


Im Working Im Working v1.1

Now with I'm Working Faker you'll no longer will have to click your mouse aimlessly or just punch random keys on your keyboard. Just turn it on and the sounds of work will fill your cubicle.

Take a nap and it will still look like you are working. Many sounds to choose from - turn off those you don't like or normaly make.

Fool your boss with this prank application or pull a joke on your co-workers. It will not make you more efficient but you might have some fun with it.


Super Brain Super Brain v1.2

How fast your brain works? Try this!!!


The Big Bang Theory Quiz The Big Bang Theory Quiz v1.0

The The Big Bang Theory quiz for free!
if you are fun of the The Big Bang Theory than you will like this.

This app have questions about your favorite TV series about Sheldon,Haward,Rajesh and Leonard.
How fast do you manage to answer to the questions?
If you think you are the best then give a try and compare your score with your friends.

Questions of various difficulty will allow you to fill your knowledge about this movie.


I Wish I Wish v1.0

What do you wish ?
What do you really want ?

Share your wishes with other people, and read wishes of other people.
Are you interested what is the Christmas wish list of your family ?
Well this app is the solution for you. You can give this app to anyone and read theirs wishes afterwards.


Random Facts Random Facts v1.60

Random Facts has over 25,000 facts! Add the widget to your home screen or lock screen for easy access.


Dumb Questions Dumb Questions v1

Best collection of silly, stupid, weird, witty, cute, funny & dumb questions!

Annoy your friends with these dumb questions through SMS & Email!

Some of these dumb questions make you think, some make you laugh, and some just make you go hmmm...

Save your favorite dumb questions & review them later at your leisure!