Claystone Claystone v2.5

Claystone Launcher - Everything in your cloud and Android phone in one swipe.

With Claystone we've strived to redefine the launcher genre with our new tandem launcher, allowing you to use Claystone and your standard launcher simultaneously.


gReader gReader v2.8.8

gReader is an unofficial Google Reader client for Android. Read all your rss/feed news in one place with Google Reader, where keeping up with your favorite websites is as easy as checking your email.

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My Stock Ticker Lite My Stock Ticker Lite v1.3

Have you ever wished for a stock ticker for Android, just like the one on TV?
Your wish has been granted!

The world is in an economic crisis, and we need a constant update on the market and our investments.
Get My Stock Ticker and stay updated with the latest Stock Quotes in Real Time*.

Just a note, the Premium and Pro version are not available via "SlideMe Market".


Kill Death Calculator Kill Death Calculator v1.2.1

This app will tell you your kill/death ratio in the Call of Duty games. More importantly, it tells you how many kills you need to "boost" your kill death ratio up by 0.01 via the Kill Death Calculator tab. It can also tell you how many deaths will lower your ratio, if you click on the Death Kill Calculator tab.


Killstreak Estimator Killstreak Estimator v1.1.4

A calculator that estimates the chances of getting a killstreak in the various Call of Duty games based on a highly tested and credible algorithm I developed.

This includes:

Modern Warfare 3 (when released)
Black Ops
Modern Warfare 2
World at War
Modern Warfare 1


EzNotepad EzNotepad v0.9.7

It fast, easy, and no fuss.
The note file saved to folder e.g. SD-Card.
Email your notes seamlessly.
Or you can read the note file with other editor.
You can replace text from last searched / selected text.
Autoindented new lines.

With some style applicable :
- Bold
- Italic
- Monospace
- Underline


Polite Call Reject Polite Call Reject v1.1

1. Highly customizable Messages at contact, contact group and phone level.
2. “Reject call with/without message“.
3. Messages are sent only to mobile numbers. Some apps doesn't differentiate mobile and land line numbers.
4. Flexible and fully customizable modes.
5. Emergency calls support.
6.Schedule Reject: You can disable call reject after a scheduled period of time.
7. Read out call log
8. With new version, all annoying full screen ads are removed


CamCard CamCard v3.1.0.20120918

***A must-have business app for your smart phone. ***
"CamCard outdoes competitors …" --The New York Times

CamCard is a professional business card reader and business card scanner. Simply take a picture of a business card, CamCard recognizes the business card and saves contact information in Card Holder or your Address Book. Then feel at ease to manage cards with CamCard - business card reader and business card scanner.


Mobile Call Blocker Mobile Call Blocker v1.1.3

Protect yourself from receiving nuisance calls and text messages for FREE!.

>> reject unwanted text messages.
>> avoid unwanted calls (including unknown calls).
>> allow only messages & calls from known contacts (Phonebook).
>> block all calls and text messages listed in the “black list”
>> allow only calls and text messages listed in the “white list”
>> call and text messages can be handled independently


DejaOffice DejaOffice v2.3.3

Business productivity for smartphones and tablets - contacts, calendar, tasks and memos.


Turbo Client Turbo Client v1.1.1

Free and Complete, a beatiful and simple ftp and sftp client for Android


Incoming Call Control Incoming Call Control v2.2

Gain control over your incoming calls
Incoming Call option based on time, unknown numbers or phone book entries, black list and unique post call options


Loger Loger v1.2.1

do you need to hide your call logs & SMS?
do you need to restore hided logs & SMS?
Do you want to get rid of unwanted calls and SMS?

if this is it, you are in right place!


Shut Me Up Shut Me Up v1.2

Shut Me Up shut ring-tone of call or SMS from undesirable people
Shut Me Up create black-list if anyone in the black-list calling you or send SMS to you, your mobile acting as in silent mode.
you can select a contact which contain many phone numbers


Quick Note Quick Note v2.0

Hand write notes quickly and easily with Quick Note


#Notes #Notes vv1.6.8B

#Notes (HashNotes) is a simple, different but efficient Notepad Application (Notes)
It is flexible,very easy to use and adjustable to your own unique needs..Can be used to store/save all kind of notes needed in everyday file, all in one application!
Diary,memo writing,email,message,shopping list,todo list, payment list, due list and all kinds of useful notes can be organized in a way that works!


iClock iClock v1.1

The iClock android app is an exact replica of the iPhone's clock app. This is completely rewritten in Java for Android. Its has all the features that the iPhone version has.


Note Everything Note Everything v4.2.11

Note taking app with many, many features, different note types and organization in folders.


Sp Notepad Sp Notepad v2.2.10

A simple app to taking notes


EzNotepad Pro EzNotepad Pro v0.9.6

It fast, easy, and no fuss.
The note file is saved at External storage / SD-Card.
You can read the note file with other editor.
You can send your notes via email directly from app.
You can replace last searched/selected text.

With some style applicable :
- Bold
- Italic
- Monospace
- Underline