Yes No Yes No v1.0

YesNo helps you to make your mind about a Yes or no question. Think about your question and then let the app come up with its answer: green for yes, red for a no. If you are not happy just try again...


Yes or No? Yes or No? v1.1

Need to flip a coin? Enjoy a quick race to the final decision!


Yes Or No? Yes Or No? v1.2

This widget helps you answer many questions.


Yes Planner Yes Planner v1.1

5-in-1 Ultimate Success Tool for Sales and MLM Professionals.


Yes Contacts Yes Contacts v1.0

Ultimate Contacts and Prospects Lists for Sales and MLM Professionals


YesNo YesNo v1.9.2

Make an important choice, Love it or Not, Believe it or Not, Trust it or Not, Shake it got BEST answer!


MailDroid MailDroid v4.80

Welcome to MailDroid! MailDroid was built by frustrated users who, after using Android, had issues with the standard mail client, as well as with third party extensions of the client.

MailDroid is Ad-Supported.

Works for Android versions 4.3 up to 6.x


ኢትዮ *80?# ኢትዮ *80?# v1.2

Recharge your Ethio Telecom pre-paid Sim easily


Solar Charger Solar Charger v2.0

This is a very fun app.
Simply start the app and the fake charging will start.
This application give animated simulation of one big solar panel that produces energy to charge the battery but only for fun purposes, not for real.
Use the power of sun energy and recharge your battery.

Tall everyone that there is new app that can recharge the battery from sun energy. Tall them:
"Here is the simplest way to recharge the battery!"


Battery Alarm Pro Battery Alarm Pro v1.06

Very comfortable to monitor the battery status. An alarm will alert you to recharge the battery or if it has reached full charge.


Battery Alarm Battery Alarm v1.06

Very comfortable to monitor the battery status. An alarm will alert you to recharge the battery or if it has reached full charge.


RingAd RingAd v0.1.4

RingAd is a ringtone based advertisement network for android devices. Listen ringtone advertisements and get free mobile recharge coupons and discount coupons.


InfinityS InfinityS v1.0

Are you ready to fight with infinity ? yes i do? Then this game is for you!


DockMode DockMode v1.0

A dock mode that acts like a digital clock


Eye of Sauron Eye of Sauron v1.2

3D Eye of Sauron . Do you have strange feeling that something watching you ? YES it's Eye of Sauron! J.R.R Tolkien Lord of the rings.


CarrierUSSDeXecutor CarrierUSSDeXecutor vBeta

Carrier USSD eXecutor is a light-weight application which makes easy running USSD codes of your network carrier with a press of buttons. This works ONLY with NEPAL's GSM Carriers - Ncell and Nepal Telecom(NTC).
With this app, you can recharge your sim without entering * and #, open network services, menus, dial to customer care and more..

After download/installation, PLEASE leave a comment/feedback/suggestions about the application, if possible please include your device name.


ipaul ipaul v1.0

WebTechies is proud to present, iPaul... The Octopus, the home aquarium of the Great Future Predicting Octopus which answers all your questions in yes or no. In this simple and easy app, you can ask any kind of question from the Octopus and he will reply in yes or no by sitting on the right glass box.‬

‪Just ask your question when asked for and wait for him to sit on the right box telling you whether the answer is yes or no.‬

‪Please kindly note that this application has no association with any person or creature dead or alive and is completely built for having a fun with friends. WebTechies takes no responsibilities of any kind of prediction. ‬


Muscle Cars Wallpapers Muscle Cars Wallpapers v1.0

Now, these Americans will be the background of your phone.
American muscle cars ..
Yes,they are a classic.
American car is a way of life.
I have done an application for lovers of American muscle.
Classic cars of this application will be always with you ..


Dots Dots v120205

Connect the dots game for kids. Have fun with over 100 (yes, one hundred) images. Shake your phone to move to next puzzle at any point in time! Cars, Animals, Ships, Christmas and Halloween puzzles in one big package.


TV Show Quiz TV Show Quiz v1.0

This app is a quiz about TV series.
Do you spend much time sitting on the couch and watching TV series. If yes, this is the right app for you. Try it and become TV Series Master :)