Noticias de Nicaragua Noticias de Nicaragua v2.0

Noticias de Nicaragua (In Spanish)


MailDroid MailDroid v4.80

Welcome to MailDroid! MailDroid was built by frustrated users who, after using Android, had issues with the standard mail client, as well as with third party extensions of the client.

MailDroid is Ad-Supported.

Works for Android versions 4.3 up to 6.x


What's Next What's Next v1.2

What's next is a game to test your logic and math skills. Can you figure out the next number in the sequence? Can you beat your friends?

11 levels with increasingly difficult tasks.


Next Track on Shake Next Track on Shake v0.1.2

Allows you to change the music track by shaking the phone. You can change how fast or how strong you need to shake to change tracks, as well as toggle the service on / off. Perfect for users that don't want to unlock the phone to manually change tracks.


Volume to Next Track Volume to Next Track v1.3

A background service that will enable the user to use the volume up/down keys to skip to next/previous track when the screen is off. This is very useful when listening to music on the phone/tablet and having some control without switching on the phone.


Next News Next News v1.0.7

Next News Lock Screen is the next generation lock screen that delivers the latest trending news, based on your reading interests.


WatchNext WatchNext v7.0

WatchNext - The best companion app for your TV series and Movies. Keep track of stuff you are watching and find what to watch next.


Next London Tube Tracker Next London Tube Tracker v1.7

Live Tube Tracker for London Underground. Catch the next london tube!

Live London Tube Tracker. Real-time train departure board for London Underground stations.


Guess the Next Number Guess the Next Number v1.3.6

Guess the Next Number is a simple but funny game which helps you to improve your maths skills and your IQ.

How to play:
You will see a numerical sequence (5 numbers) and you will have to choose the sixth number out of four option which fits in the sequence.


Shake2PlayNext Shake2PlayNext v1.22

Do you like to listen to the music while on road? No need to get the phone from your pocket!Shake it to play next track!
Supports default player, MortPlayer, Mixzing, Roxon (aka Cubed), Meridian, andLess, Rhapsody,, DOUBLETWIST

TuneWiki, Vanilla Music, bTunes - with some limitations

Email me!
New: less limitations


ToDo Next ToDo Next v2.1.10

ToDo Next is a simple yet powerful task and to-do list manager application. Tasks can be saved into lists (folder). Setup reminder alert for vital task todo. Always know what you have to do and when. Keep your schedule in your control and improve you productivity.


AG German Newspapers FREE AG German Newspapers FREE v6.8 Final

All world and German newspapers!


bikeSMS bikeSMS v1.0.6

bikeSMS reads SMS messages to you through your headset or built in speaker.

bikeSMS reads the caller name (where available) or the last three digits of their number and their message to you without the need to remove helmet & gloves, pull over and check.


Sweet Candy Sweet Candy v1.0

Next gen challenging brain puzzle game, that encourages using logical thinking.


Stargol Stargol v1.1.1

stargol is a kind of pocket starcraft , focused on ressource management , collect , defend , repair get all the cash and jump to next level , this version is a gameplay test , beta to check user feedback and build better next cersion


Hidden Objects 1 Hidden Objects 1 v1.4

Hidden object game with 18 levels. You have to find 9 objects on every picture to get access to the next level.


TouchZtoA TouchZtoA v1.151

Touch Z to A first.


Just One Lap Just One Lap v1.0

1 Car... 3 opponents...


London Bus Pal London Bus Pal v3.2.2

Next bus time prediction application for London - based on data supplied by TfL


Any new update? Any new update? v2.0

With this app you can known release date of your favorite app, and known if an app is still on development.

Feel free to suggest us new apps to include on the list using the auto-generated email report (long-pressing an item)