Emergency Manager Plus Emergency Manager Plus v2.0

Emergency Manager Plus (FREE) for mobiles and tablets is a complete emergency situation management app which is equipped with emergency service numbers for over 200 countries. You can send SMS requesting help with your current location (GPS and Network)just with a single touch. It also uses the enormous outreach of the social-networking media (Facebook to post emergency alerts on your behalf, so that help can be always at hand from your friends nearby. Added multilingual support.


GPS Reminder GPS Reminder v1.0.4

GPS Reminder allows you to create notes activated on the specific location. Thanks to it you will not forget what to do when you get in our out some place. The program by default is installed as a service and displays notifications on set locations.


GPS Tracker GPS Tracker v1.0.5.3

GPS Tracker is an Android and web application which offers a unique service for people who want to record information about trips: supporting documents about professional trips, proof of professional or private use of a personal vehicle or a business vehicle, billing of travel on account of a client…

This mobile application is totally FREE for personal use.


Where R U ? Where R U ? v3.190

"Where R U" is a mobile app that lets you know where your loved ones are without using GPS.

You have a small widget on your home screen for each person that you care about. At a glance you know where they are. All the time. It updates itself automatically.

You have your own widget of yourself, where you are, on the home screen too. With one press of your finger you can choose from over 30 different locations so that your followers know where you are.


Guitur Guitur v1.0.5

Guitur Uruguay is a guidebook that is part of the services offered to tourists by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and to various actors involved in tourism and services in Uruguay.


TraceSaver TraceSaver v1.1

TraceSaver is a completely FREE means of viewing the location of your mobile phone via the TraceSaver website. Multiple phones can be registered and so the location of children, colleagues and vehicles can be effectively viewed with precise, real time mapping. Trace Saver is quick to install, use friendly and completely FREE.


Ortsbo Ortsbo v1

Ortsbo for Android enables you to connect and chat with friends, family and colleagues in over 53 global languages, using today’s most popular social media platforms.

With Ortsbo for Android you can
• Translate text between 53 languages
• Chat in real-time (no copying or pasting required)
• Log into multiple chat services simultaneously


Taxy Taxy v0.5

Taxy lets you search for available taxi services based on your current location.


C2 C2 v1.0.9

C2 is an unique app that enables you to swap your daily life with global users via real-time picture stream. Simply open the app, take a picture, we will pair you with a remote stranger.


Taxi Sezgin +31 614512031 / +31 624799318 Taxi Sezgin +31 614512031 / +31 624799318 v1.0

Need a taxi in Amsterdam, just call


Polish Registration Plates Polish Registration Plates v1.01

A tool that can recognize region of a car registered in Poland based on registration plates. It can also recognize military, diplomacy or service vehicles.


Track Location Track Location v1.8.2

Track Location is an application which displays your location anywhere in the world.

Using GPS or your network, you can see the latitude and longitude of where you are and save it to check later.
In future versions you can plot routes between the paths you recorded.


Fare Meter Fare Meter v1.0

Calculate fares anywhere anytime without travelling.


FareMeter Trial FareMeter Trial v1.0

Calculate fares anywhere anytime without travelling.


JadwalKA Indonesia JadwalKA Indonesia v2.8.5

Aplikasi JadwalKA adalah aplikasi untuk membantu anda yang akan melakukan perjalanan dengan kereta api. Dalam aplikasi ini anda dapat melihat jadwal kereta api untuk kelas Eksekutif dan Bisnis dari stasiun awal keberangkatan sampai stasiun tujuan akhir. Selain itu, anda dapat melihat harga tiket atau tarif sesuai dengan hari keberangkatan yang anda pilih.


MobbyWay MobbyWay v1.0.0.15

Mobbyway was developed to allow:
- you to stay connected with your relatives wherever they are.
- your relatives to follow you visually and in real time.
- you to go back at any time to a place where you have already been on a specific date.
- you to travel safely on the road network thanks to the network members: The Mobbynautes.
- you to have a part in the world cartography OpenStreet Map.
Today Mobbyway it is 10000 Mobbynautes using this system, after 20 weeks of explotation.


isq isq v1.33

Did you ever forget to check-in at one of your regular venues? If you did, isq is here to solve this problem one and for all.
Based on the WiFi networks available at your favourite venues, isq will automatically check you in once it detects any known
networks in range.


HanQ HanQ v0.0.6

Ask anything about Korea.
About Tour, Culture, Food, Shopping, Kpop for Korea.
We're going to help your trip in Korea.

Korean coupon service is comming for next version


Journey Planner Helsinki Region Journey Planner Helsinki Region v1.0

This application provides the journey planning services of Helsinki and near regions. It finds stops and routes to your favourite destinations!


Control My Car Control My Car v2.1.0

Control My Car helps you, track fuel consumption, services and other costs of your car.