The Eyes of the Woods The Eyes of the Woods v1.0

"The Eyes of the Woods" - A story of the Ancient Wilderness by Joseph A. (Joseph Alexander) Altsheler.
Download for free in your Android device.


Little Stories for Little Children Little Stories for Little Children v1.0

Its a very usefull book for children.
Only for Android users.
Download in your Android device in a minute.
It is a free book.


Little Artist Little Artist v1.2

Little Painter


Little Photo Shop Little Photo Shop v8.4

Discover how to become a professional photographer! Create, play and have fun with Little Photo Shop!


Little Tooth's fairy Little Tooth's fairy v1.5.0

Learn how and why to brush your teeth in a fun way. With PitiClic! Fairy Tale, Game & Coloring Book


Little DJ Little DJ v8.4

Keep your tots tuned to music and enhance their musical interest!


KidsPedia-LittleBigWorld KidsPedia-LittleBigWorld v1.2.1

★Travel around the world with the hot air balloon! Discover seven continents for fun!

★Dubbing and Subtitling in English and other languages available, ideal for bilingual learning environment.

★Little Big World – the latest release from the original FR Preschool Prep that sold to over 30,000 global viewers!

★Preschool learning combined with educational games.

★ Six main themes in total. Include story, vocabulary, brainstorming, games, coloring, and craftwork.


Little Gourmet Little Gourmet v8.4

My Little Gourmet by BabyBus provides a personal paradise for children, where they can work in the burger shop, dessert shop or the barbecue restaurant, and they can easily make all kinds of delicious food. Let's have the paradise of My Little Gourmet provided by BabyBus.


Little Genius Little Genius v1.2

Little Genius - What Doesn't Match? Is a brain training game for children from 3 to 6 years old. It learns logical thinking through the play.
Colorful images and nice sounds let Your child to have a nice time. The game consists in choosing which one of four images doesn't match to others. Enjoy :)


My Healthy Little Baby My Healthy Little Baby v4.23

  It presents personal hygiene in a game mode, to cultivate your baby’s abilities and knowledge of teeth brushing, hands washing and showering, all these are in just a simple and interactive game.


Little Picasso Little Picasso v4.31

Make the world a more colorful place with paint!


My Little Musician My Little Musician v8.4

Learn musical insruments and have fun playing them!


Chemical formulas lite Chemical formulas lite v0.63.13374.83567

The little app has a chart of about 25 chemical formulas. Have fun


Où sont les animaux? Où sont les animaux? v1

Little game using french vocabulary (animals) and expressions for directions. Free application from, brazilian french school.


Insects Insects v8.4

Educational objectives: to help your baby recognize the common insects and know their growing processes and living environments by adopting them and building the insect's paradise.


Chemical Formulas Chemical Formulas v0.33.13319.54874

This wonderful little app has a chart for over 125 chemical forumlas and is great for professionals, students, or just anyone interested in chemisty and science.


Lang Trainer German Demo Lang Trainer German Demo v1.05

Are you studying German and need a little help? Do you find German verbs and articles difficult to retain? Then this program is for you!


Spring-Weather Spring-Weather v1.0

Enter any city in the world and see the weather.
I built this little application with the following programming
tools for Android
1) Google Weather API
2) Spring for Android
I think is very useful tool for everyone and it's free.


Verdi Numbers Verdi Numbers v1.0.4

Verdi wants with this simple app that little kids discover the numbers 1 to 9.

To achieve this, with each number appears a nice representation of it, an amount of balls depending on the number, and you will hear a voice read it.


Kids Karaoke ♩♪♬ Kids Karaoke ♩♪♬ v3.4

Kids Karaoke, a multilingual sing along karaoke app for little ones as well as grown ups. Sing along with, and learn the words of, the most internationally known nursery rhymes out there, switch languages or just follow the lyrics of the songs. All nursery rhymes are internationally known and easy to learn and pick up the words from. Have fun and learn these timeless nursery rhymes.