Weight Loss Program Weight Loss Program v1.0

Finally want to lose those extra pounds? Are you serious and ready to get fit?
Weight Loss Hypnosis and Affirmations Program by New American Dreamer contains a full toolset for losing weight for good. Our program is based on strengthening your will and motivation with affirmations, full hypnosis session and deep breathing exercises to help with cravings.


SkyDroid SkyDroid v1.7

SkyDroid is a top selling Golf GPS application for Android Phones.

See details at

SkyDroid will give you distances to the front, center and back of every green as well as distances to features like water hazards, bunkers and more. Measure your shot distances. Distance to Any Point!


Daily Calorie Counter Daily Calorie Counter v1.0

A simple calorie counter app.


Growth Chart Growth Chart v1.2

Growth Chart:an accurate Child growth tracker


Weight Manager Weight Manager v1.3

Monitor Your Weight Loss with Your phone.


Steroid Encyclopedia Steroid Encyclopedia v1.201

The Steroid Encyclopedia app is by far the most comprehensive steroid information app on the android market today.
Others have attempted to cover the broad subject of anabolic steroids in often meagre detail; this is just not good enough! Cue Steroid Encyclopedia.


10 000 Steps (Pro) 10 000 Steps (Pro) v1.1.5

'10000 Steps' is a useful pedometer application, designed with energy efficiency in mind.
It uses the step counter sensor introduced in Android 4.4.


MicroWave MicroWave v1.0

MicroWave allows you to make sure your microwave oven works well and does not emit electromagnetic waves above normal levels, you can also check other radiation emitting devices in order to get sure you health is safe.


Toddler Percentile Calculator Toddler Percentile Calculator v1.0.0

Calculates height and weight percentiles for children up to six years of age


PointTracker PointTracker v2.0

Tracks your daily and weekly Weight Watchers(TM) Points. Includes food database.


FirstAid FirstAid v1.0

Know what to do in a medical emergency situation.
Be assured until you reach the emergency medical technician.
The First Aid techniques are explained in an easy to understand way.


ICE ICE v1.0

ICE is a tool that may one day save your life.


BeatAddiction BeatAddiction v1.0



BP Tab BP Tab v1.0

BP Tab brings Blood Pressure recording and analysis on your phone.


Tea Tips Donate Tea Tips Donate v1.2

Improve your health, restoring the immune system, lose weight with Tea Tips.

Widget with countdown timer for brewing tea.


PebbleYoga PebbleYoga v1.0

Pebble Smart Watch Yoga Companion App.


Fatness Meter Fatness Meter v1.6

Dont Miss this application!
Just insert your weight and your height and see your ideal weight!


Weight Point Calculator Weight Point Calculator v1.0

This Weight Points Calculator is a easy to use application which takes calories, fat, and fiber, and calculates the diet points.


I am pregnant I am pregnant v2.6.2

Pregnancy? This program will tell you everything about your health and baby.
Long-awaited version of a popular program for a future mother now suitable for Android.


drug Dosage drug Dosage v1.5

*Ideal for Medical Doctors.
*Collection of 700+ drugs and their dosages.
*Search option for searching drug names.
*New drugs added with each update.
*Please request with drug list + features for enhancements if any required.