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Maxime Mbabele
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- PHP, C#,C++,C, Java, Visual Studio 2005/8/10/12, Eclipse, Netbeans - OpenSuse Linux, VMware - Secure Network socket programming in java/C# & C. - Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) - Nagios Network Monitoring Tool. - SSL Client/Server Architecture, RSA & AES encryption, OpenSSL, Keystore & Trustore. - Open source Asterisk PBX & open source library AIX library. - Gstreamer Audio processing library, Video/Audio streaming - Mobile Apps using C++, J2ME, Android, Blackberry, C# - Android

xamxam23's applications

Quick Note Quick Note v2.0

Hand write notes quickly and easily with Quick Note


Speedy Car Race Speedy Car Race v1.3

Android game highway traffic car race.


Spelling Puzzle Spelling Puzzle v1.6

Search and spell words correctly. It is fun and educational


Swipe out Swipe out v1.4

Extremely fun and amazingly addictive. You have about 60 seconds to clear as many items as you can by connecting 3 or more adjacent identical items. The longer the connections the more points you get

Have fun!


Synonyms Synonyms v1.1

Find the synonym of a given word. Build your vocabulary in a fun way.


The Matrix of Colors The Matrix of Colors v2.2

The Matrix of colors want you to match colors patterns and solve 400+ puzzles.


Tilt Ball Tilt Ball v1.8

Test your dexterity & agility. Collect diamonds, avoid spiky enemies.

Move by tilting your device around.

The game uses the accelerometer to control your ball.

Fun and addictive. Enjoy!


Twix Twix v1.0

How high do you rank world wide?What exactly is your twix IQ? Play and Find out.


World Flags Quiz World Flags Quiz v2.2

Learn the flags of the world with this fun flag quiz game.

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