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Owls wallpapers Owls wallpapers v1.0

Owls sure are the most fascinating and most mysterious of the birds. Do you know how a group of owls is called? A parliament, wisdom or study. And do you know how we call bunch of beautiful owl wallpapers for your phone? We called that awesome. Make your phone awesome with these gorgeous owls pictures.


Rainy day romance Rainy day romance v1.0

There is nothing more romantic than a kiss on a pouring rain. Here are some kissing on the rain wallpapers for all you romantic souls out there. Rainy days are best for cuddling, kissing and dancing aren't they? Add some romantic feeling on your phone with these wallpapers that will make you fall in love with the rain.


Real Fairytale Castles Real Fairytale Castles v1.0

These castles look like they came from a fairy tale, but they are pretty much real. Fairy tales do come true as you can see on these images of magnificent castles which still exist around the world in all their beauty. As the castles also the landscapes around them seems magical and fairy tale like. Slide through the gallery or set a beautiful image as background and enjoy the magical scenery with beautiful, real-life fairy tale castles.


Snow dogs Snow dogs v1.0

Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamute, Samoyed dogs... These pictures and wallpapers are in honor of the unique beauty and bravery of the man's best friends - the snow dogs.


Space Wallpapers Space Wallpapers v1.0

"Space, the final frontier..." Explore the outer space from your phone through these beautiful and amazing images of space.


Thanksgiving decor Thanksgiving decor v1.0

If you need some easy D.I.Y. ideas for Thanksgiving Day or just a nice and elegant Thanksgiving wallpaper for your phone you are in the right place. Here are some photos that you can use as inspiration for your Thanksgiving decor, or just as a background image for your phone to get in the holiday mood.


The Hobbit Quiz The Hobbit Quiz v2.0

Are you ready to go on a unexpected journey in the magical world of Hobbits, dragons and other magical creatures from the lands of Middle-earth? Take this quiz and test your knowledge of the story of The Hobbits. Our quiz questions will guide you through the story of one Hobbit and one spirited group of Dwarves on their dangerous journey. Can you guess their next move and answer the questions? Give it a try. It must have a contest with us, Preciouss!


Unusual Christmas trees Unusual Christmas trees v1.0

This is collection of pictures of the most unusual and most creative Christmas tree designs. From the cool Pacman Christmas tree and the most expensive encrusted with diamonds, to many other unconventional Christmas trees, made of bottles, ties or books... This year have a unique wallpaper on your phone with beautiful, unusual Christmas tree picture.


Winter wonderland Winter wonderland v1.0

Enjoy the winter with this beautiful collection of snowy landscapes and winter scenes. This huge collection of snowy white photos will bring you all beautiful aspects of winter, from the stunning winter landscapes in nature to the romantic snowy feeling of winter in the city.

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