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Maze Maze v1.0

Explore 45 different mazes and find their treasures. But hurry up, your only source of light is a candle that burns down. Find more candles on your way through the mace, find keys to unlock chests and find these chests to gain your score.


Santas Helper Santas Helper v1.0

Oh no, one of Santas Helpers is ill! Now it's your turn, help Santa and save christmas. Run the machine that packs the presents for all the good children out there. Be as fast as you can so that every child get's a present.


Stick Runner Stick Runner v1.0

Run, run as fast as you can and jump or slide to avoid the obstacles.

How far will you come?!

The content of this game is not huge, it's more a test like a real game, but nevertheless I want to release it, so please be kind if you want to rate it.
If there are some problems, please send me a message so I can see where the problem is to fix it, thanks in advance :)


The Quest: 50 Dungeons The Quest: 50 Dungeons v1.0

The Quest is difficult to describe. It's a little bit of Adventure, a little bit of RPG, a little bit of Reflexgame and a little bit of a barcodescanner. It's a soup where from everything is a little bit inside... one moment... barcodescanner? Yes, read on for more information!


Wheel of Fate Wheel of Fate v1.4.0

This game is based on the TV-Show Wheel of Fortune.

Spin the wheel to get a high amount of cash. Guess consonants or buy vowels to solve the words on the wall. If you are right and solve it, you'll get a bonus of 500€.

Play up to 3 players with or against the AI.

Who has the most money at the end of the game, is the winner!

Have fun :)

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