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Fruit Samurai Fruit Samurai v2.4

Use your samurai skills to neatly cut the fruits! A fun Fruit Samurai Style Game Play. Slash the fruits away. But avoid the bombs. Try to get higher scores. Each fruit slashed earns you 50 points and 1 to 5 seconds extended playtime. Provides hours of fun. App2SD supported. Tablet Ready.


Galaxy Stars Live Wallpaper Galaxy Stars Live Wallpaper v1.6

Colorful Animated Stars Live Wallpaper for your phone or tablet.
Swirling, twinkling mesmerizing colorful stars in a serene space background. Glows in the dark too. Live Wallpaper for your phone or tablet. Stare and be enchanted for hours.


Grape Escape Grape Escape v3.2

Save Grape by jumping on blocks after they have landed. Hours of addictive fun
Save the Grape by getting to the Exit by jumping on blocks after they have landed. Avoid being squished while they are falling. Some blocks can crush other blocks.


Gravity Stacker Gravity Stacker v2.5

Defy gravity. Stack blocks as high as you can. Each level has different number of blocks to stack. The number increases with each level - as the challenge increases. The higher you stack the more the tower totters - just like the real world. Requires skill and manual dexterity. Take the blocks from the top left and stack them on the slab on the bottom of the screen. Installs on external SD card for Froyo and above. App2SD ready. Tablet ready.


Jiang Shi Zombies Jiang Shi Zombies v1.1

A Jiang Shi is a Chinese vampire or zombie. It is a type of reanimated corpse in Chinese legends and folklore. According to legend, in the day, the Jiang Shi rests in a coffin or hides in dark places such as caves. At night, it moves around by hopping, with its arms outstretched. It kills living creatures to absorb their qi (life essence).


Mission Lander Mission Lander v1.1

A fun and addictive game for the casual gamer.
Objective is to gently land the cargo on the yellow landing-pad without triggering an explosion. If it lands outside the landing-pad or hits the side pillars it will explode. The space ship's thrusters can be controlled by using the arrows at the bottom. Requires skill to apply appropriate thrusters to the spaceship to guide the cargo to safe landing.


Santa Christmas Run 3D Santa Christmas Run 3D v1.4

It's Christmas Eve and Santa is busy making sure the presents are all on the rooftops ready to be delivered. He runs and hops from each snow-covered rooftop to another rooftop avoiding the Presents and Trees. Challenge your friends for the Longest Run in Leaderboard via Heyzap's social network. Tablet ready.


Submarine Bomber Submarine Bomber v3.1

Enemy submarines lurking underwater. Destroy them by dropping bombs into the sea. Set fuse to blow at correct depth. With correct timing and judgement, you can destroy them all before time runs out. Installs on external SD card for Froyo.


Talking Christmas Penguin Talking Christmas Penguin v1.0

This cute Penguin talks to you and asks you if you like to hear it sing Christmas songs
and tell Christmas jokes. You can reply Yes or No and it will obey your command. It can
sing many Christmas carols for you and also dances to the beat while singing.
Let it tell Christmas jokes and be prepared for some good merry laughs.


Whack an iPhone Whack an iPhone v2.7

Have you whacked an iPhone today? A hilarious variation of whack-a-mole where, instead of hitting on moles, you hit on iPhones. Enjoy! Installs on external SD card for Froyo.

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