KITT or KARR, Your very own personal assistant!


Knight Rider Quiz Knight Rider Quiz v1.0

Remember the TV series 80's, Knight Rider? Now you can test your knowledge! Answer all our question about Kitt, Michael Knight and the Tv Series, and you´ll be the new Knight Rider Wise! Just how good are you with quizzes and games. Can you beat your friends high score? Quiz each other and have fun together. If you can answer questions like name of the company where Michael worked? and who was the author of the melody of the series? and who was Wilton Knight? then download this


KKR : IPL 2012 KKR : IPL 2012 v3.0

This application provides information about Team KKR(Kolkata Knight Riders) of DLF IPL 2012.
Enjoy IPL with Kolkata Knight Riders and get to know more about the team and its players.