It Is Time, Lord It Is Time, Lord v1.0

James Christopher?book editor, husband, and father of two?is headed for trouble.


Japan: Doing Business in a Unique Culture Japan: Doing Business in a Unique Culture v1.0

This book is essential reading for all those managers, investors, and traders as well as government officials.


Kit Black Kit Black v1.0

I could smell rotting fish, the stench of rum barrels and unwashed bodies.


Land of Black Clay Land of Black Clay v1.0

Land of Black Clay takes place largely in the rural township of Sap?


Lovell's Prize Lovell's Prize v1.0

US Deputy Marshal Don Lovell works the Indian Territory "on the scout" out of Fort Smith, Arkansas.


MAM 2006 MAM 2006 v1.0

The Markov Anniversary Meeting, June 12-14, 2006 was the fifth in a series of conferences devoted to the Numerical Solution of Markov Chains (NSMC).


Mana Mana v1.0

The setting is the Big Island of Hawaii. With its active volcano and its frequent earthquakes, it has long been the subject of Polynesian legends.


Mayhem, Mystery and Murder Mayhem, Mystery and Murder v1.0

Back when I was a kid growing up in South Chicago, I never dreamed that having a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother would turn out to be an asset.


Metamorphoses Metamorphoses v1.0

A cycle of thirteen episodes told in Story Theater form, a narrator speaking and life-sized puppets performing simultaneously.


Midnight Plays Midnight Plays v1.0

Midnight Plays anthologizes four plays from four different worlds of story-telling.


Motagua Colonial Motagua Colonial v1.0

The Classic era centers of Quirigua and Copan are the eastern most outposts of early Mayan civilization.


Murder at Milltown Junior College Murder at Milltown Junior College v1.0

John A. Broussard's Murder at Milltown Junior College is packed to the last page with murder.


Necessary Evils Necessary Evils v1.0

In Necessary Evils, Hal, an L. A. cop driven to avenge the murder of his three partners, himself blindfolded.


No Time for Death No Time for Death v1.0

Hawaii is a paradise, especially for real estate salesmen. But Ron Crockett, recently arrived from the mainland.


Now Mourn the Space Cadet Now Mourn the Space Cadet v1.0

Now Mourn the Space Cadet is the second in a series set in Connor Beach.


Our Fathers Our Fathers v1.0

When Matt Carlsberg is found dead in a cottage on Connor Beach, the police must find not only who killed him, but why.


Painting Trees Painting Trees v1.0

With quiet surety, Naomi Myles cultivates a contemplative wordscape.


Paravoid Paravoid v1.0

Imagination is man's most fearsome weapon.


Poisonous Kiss Poisonous Kiss v1.0

The story of the cop was a made-for-tabloid tragedy.


Prelude to Hemlock Prelude to Hemlock v1.0

Prelude to Hemlock is a black comedy that follows the fortunes of the young narrator.