Beneath the Beauty Beneath the Beauty v2.0

Beneath the Beauty is Philip Arima's first collection of poetry.


I Am an Artist I Am an Artist v2.0

An artist describes finding natural beauty in the world around us.


Holy Stars!: Favorite Deities, Prophets, Saints and Sages from Around the World Holy Stars!: Favorite Deities, Prophets, Saints and Sages from Around the World v1.0

Many comparative religion books explain beliefs and traditions.


Poisonous Kiss Poisonous Kiss v1.0

The story of the cop was a made-for-tabloid tragedy.


Stengrow's Dad Stengrow's Dad v1.0

Stengrow on his journey in search of his One True Dad, meets and falls in love with the beautiful Daphne.


Taken! Taken! v1.0

So, what if you're Jonathan Prophet, a widower, a father (three beautiful girls, including 8-year-old twins), and a deputy sheriff in Vidalia County, Georgia.


Loving This Man Loving This Man v1.0

Like Jamaica Kincaid's Lucy, Althea Prince's new novel beautifully traces a woman's struggle.


Essays in the Art of Writing Essays in the Art of Writing v1.0

There is nothing more disenchanting to man than to be shown the springs and mechanism of any art.


Bohanin's Last Days Bohanin's Last Days v1.0

As Captain L. J. Bohanin heads for California to enjoy his retirement from the 10th Cavalry he becomes immersed in a mystery.


Every Inadequate Name Every Inadequate Name v2.0

In this, his highly anticipated debut collection of poems.


The Sirens of Titan The Sirens of Titan v2.0

The Sirens of Titan was perhaps the novel that began the Vonnegut phenomenon with readers.


London Pubs London Pubs v1.0

With over 7,000 pubs in London, The London Pub Crawl Company Premium app brings you only the best 160 pubs in the pub capital of the world. Our app will guide you to the best 4 pubs near you, often tucked away down hidden alleys or through quiet cobbled London streets.