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Radio SERT Radio SERT v2.0.1

Android Applicaton For The Webradio "Radio SERT"
Just Pure ROCK!
Genre : Hard Rock / Metal

The Official Android application for the Hard Rock/Metal genre webradio " Radio SERT".
You can listen to the world's most famous Hard Rock - Metal bands here. RadioSERT is not limited to play only well-known english singing bands but also other language based songs and most importantly amateur / independent bands can be found on our list.


Tilt Theremin Demo Tilt Theremin Demo v1.1.2

Tilt Theremin is a musical app for the Android platform. Using different sensors, it lets you play melodies in the air like the original Theremin.


Mobile Metronome Mobile Metronome v1.2.3

Mobile Metronome v. 1.2.3

Mobile Metronome 1.2.3 is a free, simple to use, robust and fully functional metronome for any Android device!

For more information visit:


Jazz FM Radio Jazz FM Radio v1.0.2

Jazz FM – listen in colour!


Radio 95.5 Charivari Radio 95.5 Charivari v1.0.3

Radio 95.5 Charivari is a leading radio station in Munich, Germany.


SleepTimer SleepTimer v0.9.3

Go to sleep with your favorite music and SleepTimer will turn off the music after a set time.


Audroid Audroid v1.3.3

Audroid allows you to monitor and manage the status of all the Android volume levels independently.

Also Audroid Pro with all the features enabled is on SlideMe:


YoChord+ YoChord+ v1.1

Dictionary of guitar chords. 3 positions by chord, up to 5 chords simultaneously.


Concerts ³ Concerts ³ v1.4

Concerts³ tells you which artists of your music collection will be performing within a certain range of your location.

Pretty handy.


Guitar Chords Point Guitar Chords Point v1.0.1

This application is of "Guitar Chords Point"


Guitar Tuner Guitar Tuner v1.3

This app will help you to tune your guitar


Electric Guitar Tuner Electric Guitar Tuner v1.1

This app will help you to tune your electric guitar


Glass Breaker Glass Breaker v1.0

Play a sound of breaking glass.


Radio Fede Italia Radio Fede Italia v1.1

Radio Fede Italia la radio evangelica pentecostale che ispira la tua fede

Radio Faith Italy the radio evangelical Pentecostal inspire your faith


Marble Songbook Marble Songbook v1.2

A handy songbook for all you karaoke fans, with favourites and 'to sing' lists and links to youtube to find your favourite songs on-line for practice!


Tunepal Tunepal v1.081

Tunepal is query-by-playing search engine for Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Breton traditional music. It contains a database of over 13,000 compositions. Find a tune by playing phrase or entering (or speaking) the title of the tune. Playback, view the stave, email the tune or post to your facebook. View tagged tunes on a Google map.


Thriller Reloaded Thriller Reloaded v1.1

Thriller Reloaded is an Android app containing collections of all sorts of Thriller clips and videos from movies , TV shows, live shows etc. Your search for Thriller clips on YouTube is simplified with Thriller Reloaded Application on your Android phone. It provides you with instant video clip thumbnails ready to view on your mobile, so that you can enjoy your favourite Thriller actions in a touch.


RTL 102.5 RTL 102.5 v1.0.3

Radio RTL 102.5 from Italy. Now on your Android!


Aunn Air 1 Aunn Air 1 v1.0

Required Android SDK 2.0

The Positive Alternative Air 1 , a Contemporary Christian pop radio music, a Gospel music station, has been brought to you by AunnDroid Software LLC.

Version: 1.0 Beta

"No Affiliation with Educational Media Foundation"