Guns of Legend E1 Guns of Legend E1 v1.0.0

Artillery game with episodic story.


Spacehockey 1.0.6 Spacehockey 1.0.6 v1.0.6

"Play With Your Friend"(tm)

Play the classic Airhockey game with your friend over WiFi. Shoot the puck from your handset over to your friend's handset.
Also contains a single player mode with 5 difficulty levels where difficulty changes depending on wins/losses.


Mini Android Defense Mini Android Defense v1.0.6b

Mini Android Defense(MAD) is yet another tower defense game that has no predefined map, which allows more varieties of game plays and strategies for players to explore.


HangMan_Game HangMan_Game v3.2

Hangman is a classic word puzzle game


Joke A Day Joke A Day v1.1.0

New jokes everyday from best sources.

Updated everyday! Fresh, fast and fun!

Includes Laugh sound board!

- Share with your friends
- Comes with LOL Sound FX! If you do not have anyone to share your jokes with at least you do not have to laugh alone!
- Reading mode for easily reading your jokes.

Updated daily!


Lights Out Lights Out v1.1

LightsOut is based on the classic puzzle game of the same name. Face a random grid of on and off lights. Touching a light will toggle that light and the lights around it. Can you turn them all off?

There are 3 difficult levels so can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. Can you beat the game on Hard?
There are 3 levels of difficulty so everyone from novice to expert can enjoy!

What's New in Version 1.1
- Added ability to disable sound
- Added Exit button on the main screen



The White House is having a major pest issue. It is your job to guide the President threw the White House and advise him on his best fly swatting strategy.


MMUpdatePack1 MMUpdatePack1 v1.0

This is a free update pack for the game Memory Maze.

Adds ten new phrases to Memory Maze.

You must have Memory Maze installed before running this app.


Chp1 Narita City Chp1 Narita City v0.2.4

Survive Japanese is a Japanese learning adventure game for beginners. Learn hiragana, katakana, basic vocabulary and conversation phrases, which can unlock key information about the adventure that you seem to have stumbled upon.

Try our Lite version first.

Follow us on Buzz ( for updates and more.


Squirrel Earl Free Squirrel Earl Free v1.2.0

Entertain your kids by helping Squirrel Earl eat as many acorns as possible while avoiding falling hazards.


Favorite Quotes Favorite Quotes v1.7.0

Favorite Quotes has thousands of quotes grouped by category and author.


AndroBomb Lite AndroBomb Lite v1.01

AndroBomb is an intuitive & addictive game in which you must sort Androids by drag'n'dropping them on the same colored zone.


Know Your Friends Demo Know Your Friends Demo v1.2.0

This game gives the players questions to answer. Like truth or dare except no dare.


RDC SlotMachine RDC SlotMachine v1.1.4

Slot Machine game, enjoy it? Welcome to Red Dragon Casino, The king of Casino global competition that we are, you can put your bargaining chip to win to keep the Red Dragon casino specialized bank for you in the ranking of the world to see who is The king of Casino.


Memodroid Memodroid v1.0

Classic Memory game for 1-4 players. It features themes with macaroons, fruits and letters.



This is a tic tac toe in which the computer AI is referred as MENACE which is an implementation of Donald Michie ( algorithms. It start with random moves and learns through out the game. The current limit of number of game for learning is 300 games.


Bunny Mania Bunny Mania v1.5

Control 50 bunnies over 28 levels, 5 worlds.
You can create maps from PNGs with a basic map creator, and share it in our map gallery.


Dice General(Cupcake) Dice General(Cupcake) v1.0

General is a dice game the main goal of which is to score more point than your opposite.
This is only for Android 1.5 devices, if you have a higher version, download "Dice General" application.


Honzovy Šachy Honzovy Šachy v0.1.0

Simple chess program for Android. You can start a new game, play against an AI, flip the board, undo moves etc. See the project homepage


Dice Wars Dice Wars v1.0.2

Test your strategic thinking and conquer the Dice World!