G910 Controller

Hi guys, I came here to ask if its possible to use the G910 controller which is the father of "Wamo Pro" and basicly equal, cause I've tried so many things and I can't connect it with the Bluez Ime system...

IT gives this as an "ERROR:[JSR82] connect. Connection is not created (failed or aborted)"

So I got a few Ideas even if they have a lot of compromises...

FIRST - Why can't you guys create an option in your apk. so we can make bluetooth connection without using Bluez Ime apk ??
There are many emulators which work that way as “epsxe”, “drastic”, "SuperN64", "SNES" and also “GBA”, I use every single one of them and it works completly fine Smile

SECOND - If the first is not possible, create a driver that works just fine for the G910 so we can usefully use it without being rooted... (in (A+HOME) Keyboard mode)

HELP please Perfect Dark glitch

I have been having a very difficult time getting Perfect Dark to operate properly on my Samsung galaxy s3. I finally got it to work after tweeking the settings for a while, but now when I get to level two the lighting goes, and it blacks out entirely. Perfect Dark is really the only game I really want to work perfectly as it was my favorite game growing up. If anybody could help me with this issue I would be forever grateful. Thanks.

best emulator

Can you please enable auto rotate I cracked the corner of my screen and now that parts not touch sensitive and that's where the settings are please fix

n64old best n64 app

Man what can I say best n64 emulator out there I have tryed some on android market and there are not that good
I have xperia play and all the aki wrestling games work
Wwe 2000
Wwe no mercy
Wcw nwo revenge
Wcw nwo world tour
Virtual pro wrestling 1
Virtual pro wrestling 2
Wcw mayhem
Just great must buy 10/10


hey can someone tell me how to get into the settings of n64oid? (before anybody says tap the settings button) im running on jellybean so theres only 3 buttons, multitasking, home, and back. pls help someone? thanks!

por favor por favor!!!

quisiera que arreglaran el juego de doom64 ya que los graficos no se ven solo el menu pero en todo lo demas buen trabajo.

HELP ME!!!!!!

No emulators work for me I've tried the GTA emulator and it didn't I've tried the NES too and same result somebody please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


hasn't tried it yet Watts the game boy emulator

The SAM wont let me download

The SAM wont let me download it. Says failed, interrupted, or cancelled

Is this even supported anymore?

There hasn't been an update for ages it seems, so just wondering. For sure won't touch it unless it's still being supported and updated.

I know that Jet Force Gemini doesn't play well on this yet so if that can be fixed will jump to purchase.

Can't Fully Use Analog Sticks On Wii Classic Controller

Hi I just downloaded N64oid and it works surprisingly well except for the fact that it doesn't seemto recognize the analog sticks as analog sticks (Wii Classic Controller)... When playing a game such as Mario 64 or the LoZ: OoT I can only run in 8 directions and it doesn't recognize the in between directions and it also doesn't recognize the sensitivity of the stick like I can't walk slowly and what not all movements are like I'm pushing the analog stick with full force... Please help with this because it really makes it difficult to play if I can only move in straight directions and only at full speed and I want to be able to enjoy this well put together emulator that I paid for :(

Xperia ION compatibility

Hi. Can you comfirm that N64oid works fine withe xperia ION LT28h (ICS)

Need help, not working at all!

Hello, I recently purchased n64oid but everytime I attempt to open a rom, the app goes black and then almost immediately sends me back to the rom file selection screen. After a few runs of this my device freezes. I have CM7 on a nook color. I'm new at this, I would really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!

Bluetooth Controllers and N64oid

N64oid v1.1.4 didn't rely on Bluez IME to run bluetooth controllers. Bring that back! The very awesome and reliable Gamestop Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller for Android isn't supported by Bluez IME (and doesn't need to be). App-native Key Mapping is the way to go!

Why is my transaction status canceled

I payed for N64oid (the payment came out of my PayPal) but it didn't show up in my storage locker and it says canceled for the transaction status. Can anyone explain thisbto me or tell me how to fix it

Screen Fliker on Jet Force Gemini

in the game Jet Force Gemini (it's one on must, the screen has a flicker at all time. I have reached the middle of the first scene and flicker continuously. Could you fix that problem? I tried it with version 2.7 on a Xperia Play, thanks.

Adjust analog stick sensitivity?

Hi. I am using an n64 controller via usb adapter. While the setup works, I was wondering if there is any way to adjust the analog stick sensitivity as it is a bit low right now. Thanks.

Lighting problem in Perfect Dark

First off I'd like to say that the emulator is amazing, and I've enjoyed many old classics on it :).

In the second mission of Perfect Dark when you either enter the room where you are supposed to photograph the radioactive isotope or activate the cam spy item, all the lights go out.

It appears that the ambient lighting becomes disabled at this point and the remaining hardware lights become disabled shortly thereafter making it impossible to see. Sound becomes choppy as well.

I am using N64oid V 2.7 on Android 2.3.4 on the HTC Sensation device.

ps3 controller on galaxys2 tab

hi i am trying to map key of the ps3 controller to n64oid.
when i mapped the key it doesn't work. is this a known issue or just me?

why the crash?

i am using an iconia a500 tablet from acer, high end and all. why am i getting crashes in Zelda ocarina of time and Zelda majora's mask. i really want to play can someone tellme why this is happening?

Same here.

Anyone know what the problem could be?

Same here

I am having similar problems with other titles and screen flickering on some as well.

new core

with the 1.99.5 core, what games were affected by the graphics fixes?

ive tried several games and none seem to have changed (although there was a minor speed increase with pokemon stadium 2)

running xperia play 2.3.4 OC @ 1.8 Ghz

server redirects

I registered with the site (heard many good things about the apps) and i've tried to download SAM but everytime i do it says "too many server redirects". Using Asus TP with v 4.0.3 & build Thanks

RE: server redirects

We experienced some server issues earlier, but you should be able to download now.


Works now '_')b

n64oid news update

N64oid core as been merged to latest 1.99,5.
Xperia play pads now working.
Fadeout effect patch been added.
That means for tablets and phones running tablet mode
Like my galaxy note ics 4.0.4 build. screen dpi 213
Bottom left software buttons and bottom right notification bar
Appears a dots.

So less distraction while playing.

Catch ya later


minor complaint, but I wish the icon for n64oid was the n64 controller, and not the generic red controller. Looks out of place next to the icons of the other emus (snesoid, nesoid, gameboid, gbcoid).


If u read this before we talk.

In tablet mode
The notification buttons on the bottom right and 3 soft buttons on the bottom left in tablet landscape view don't fade while playing n64oid.

Be awesome if u can fix this minor bug:-)

no more updates?

Cruelfoxhound, yongzh, anyone: has development on this app been officialy stopped? Let me know so i can stop checking back here every day

Yeah, I think it's done.

Yeah, I think it's done. CrualFoxHound kind of confirmed it here. http://androidemulators.forumotion.com/t61-will-n64oid-will-support-xper....

I think N64oid has just been pirated so much, and he isn't making any money on slideme, so when MupenPlusAE came out in the Android market, I think that was the straw that broke it. I think YongZH just gave up. I don't blame him, but it's a shame, I have never seen another dev build better emulators than Yongzh. His are so easy to navigate, you don't have a million settings to configure, and they just worked.

I am just hoping PaulsCode can get Mupen up to where N64oid is currently, and then maybe pass it.

Sucks. I prefer this emulator

Sucks. I prefer this emulator so much more over Paul's. Its much more user-friendly. Oh well. Guess ill keep an eye on Paul's and hope it gets up to par with n64oid, which it should.

Whats dumb is that yongz emu

Whats dumb is that yongz emu got removed from the market but not mupen? Retarded

N64oid got pulled of the

N64oid got pulled of the market because he should have made this emulator opensource. Since he did not do this google stepped in.

On the other hand. Paul ( the maker of mupen64plus ae ) his emulator is fully open source. So he is not violating any agreements that where made about opensource policys.

if i am wrong on some parts please correct me.

That makes sense. So if

That makes sense. So if google never removed yong he prolly keep updating. Google sucks. I think google just fired jesus. Thats how big they've gotten

Best Game of N64 : Conkers Bad Fur Day

In the latest versions the game just started not at all on my Xperia Play. Now begin, but with not enough frames. Pls make it playable. that would be too cool. Thank you!

analog stick

Im having problems with the analog stick, when i push it forward sometimes works fine but sometimes other buttons are pressed like c up, and im sure i dont press it, what can i do?¿

Does v2.6.3 fix the a/b

Does v2.6.3 fix the a/b button problem on the Galaxy Player 5.0?

Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64 freezes on me during the first video that starts the game, the sound continues but the picture and buttons remain unresponsive, my phone is the xperia play running 2.3.3 stock everything, thing you could possibly fix this in the future?

Paid for this before... Not paying again.


would you like some french

would you like some french cries with that waamburger?

Already paid

I already paid for this back when it was on the market. If you can get me a refund there I'll gladly repurchase it here.

already paid

I bought this on the android market back when in first came out for $6 and it got removed from the android market and I couldnt get it back. Is there any way I can get the official version for free since I already paid.

N64droid for Tablet PC

Hi, I have just adquire N64oid for my tablet a Woxter PC 80, that has Android V.2.3

I connect my Playstation 2 gamepad to the tablet using the mini usb

So, Could I configure the gamepad to play with it in this emulator?


Thank you for all

Save files not appearing in new phone?

Used to have galaxy s, bought a motorola photon today. Im using the same sd card from my galaxy s and i even located the save state files on the sd card, but they dont appear in the load menu when i open a rom. Why?



Same here

I would love to find the answer to that too.. It was easy to find it in a previous version. But now I can't find my saves anywhere for some reason :/

USB Controller Woes

Hello, I have a Motorola XOOM.

I purchased an OTG usb adapter (shipped from China, took forever) and hooked up both a PS3 and an Xbox 360 controller to it.

N64oid does not seem to be able to recognize the right analog stick. I'd love to map the c-stick buttons to it. I have tried multiple Xbox 360 and multiple PS3 controllers (can't map anything to the right analog stick with any of them).

I have read many article stating that an Xbox 360 controller works great with N64oid but I have also found others who are experiencing the same thing as I am.

Is there something else I'm missing?

Cannot Install :(

Hi all, dont know if this is the right place for this.

I have the problem that i cannot download this application!

I have already downloaded other applications that are free,
but with this one ( and i came here for this one) i dont find the apk file in my slideme folder?
I redownloaded it several times, but it still wont appear.

Help plz!

Looks like Yong is on

Looks like Yong is on vacation! J/k. Or maybe he is waiting for icecream manwich so he can continue to update. Either way, love this app. Single and only reason i switched to android from ios.