pitch change

I really look forward to using this app. However it seems to me that the pitch changes when you change tempo. Am i hearing it right? Is each style in fact locked to the tempo it starts out with if you expect to trust that the notes you enter are the notes played. Hope my comment
makes sense?!

pitch change (reply)

The songs should not change pitch when you alter the tempo. The styles are sequenced, not sampled so they are independent of the tempo you choose. If you are still experiencing pitch shift effects it would be great if you could contact me in private with more details and I'll take a look at what could be causing it. Also, if anyone is still having force close problems I'd be glad to hear about that too at this address: lars.careliusson@gmail.com

Too expensive

I'd buy this app, but it's not worth $5. I'll stick with the free version until the price goes down.

...or is it?

I went ahead and purchased the full version, and although I was nervous about the $5 (since that seems a little much for an app) I was blown away.

The free version is good, but the full version is ten times better.

The "Randomize" feature is brilliant. I would spend $5 JUST for that. It's pretty nice. Plus the added stylistic choices and saving/exporting is a great thing to have.

Awesome but force close

Awesome but force close veeeeery often. I use tattoo and taskiller but force close anyway.

Will fix

Hi Joschen! Is there some sort of a pattern to when the app force closes for you (when changing style/tempo, etc)? Please contact me at lars.careliusson@gmail.com so I can investigate this further. Thanks.