Maildroid and Zimbra

My maildroid app seems to have issues interoperating with a Zimbra server over IMAP. In a nutshell, things work OK for a while (which can be anything from a few minutes to a few hours) but then maildroid is unable to communicate with the Zimbra server. Notifications for new emails stop being received, and when I try to refresh my maildroid client by hand, it just spins forever. Now if I kill maildroid, after launching it again things work correctly immediately but, again, only for a while.

I have other accounts configured in my maildroid client against other email servers, which are not Zimbra, and they do not have this problem. I have noticed this behavior with two different phones and a tablet. Finally, when this is happening my desktop client (Thunderbird) still receives notifications from the Zimbra server without any problems.

At this point it does really look that something is going on with maildroid when interacting over IMAP with Zimbra. Any feedback on what to tackle this issue would be much appreciated.

Maildroid is locking up now and then

I have been using MailDroid for ages.

Lately on my Note 8 (But even on my Note 4)
It will just be black (or white ) screen - and basically lock up.

Please try the latest version

Please try the latest version 4.70.

subject missing

Good day,

I'm having a problem with my Maildroid aplication. The subject in the emails is missing, only in the app. After I open the email, I found an option to fix the subject encoding, setting it to Auto, but I have to open every single email and fix them one by one. Is there a way to fix everthing at once? Or to set the default encoding to Auto? I use it for work, so I do receive hundreds of emails, and it is important to see the subject for me to find emails that I have already read without having to open them all again.

Still existing BUG - looses To: field in 4.0.1 ICS

Just type To: address or reply to incoming message then switch to other app like browser or else then return to MailDroid. DAMN! To: field is EMPTY. This bug exists in every version of MD including latest. This bug is so stupid. I cannot imagine just how this can be made... Annoying a lot!!! You reply to somebodies message then switch to browser, copy link address then switch back, insert link and tap Send. Suddenly you get message "Needed at least one addressee blah blah blah...". To send your message you have to find the person who wrote the message on which you answer... This makes me angry a lot each time as I see that. >:-E

Please do not tell me about free memory on my device - I have about 400 MB of free memory on tablet.

Dark UI theme makes letters appear light

If I choose a dark UI them to use it in darkness, letters still appear light i.e. black letters on white background. Can this be changed? THX.

dark theme

Some emails are meant to be read on white background. I wish to have it as a choice like how it is in the current version, so I get to choose the background colours of emails.
Theme colour of the UI stay independent from the email background.

help, 2.58 very slow

I am been using Maildroid for almost a year now and in the past 3 weeks I have noticed a major slowing with opening emails, marking emails as read, marking emails as unread, and composing emails.
Nothing has changed except the recent update. I am running this on the AT&T Samsung galaxy s3 with loads of space and memory.
Any help would be very much appreciated.


I have the Pro Version of Maildroid and am using it on my HTC One X. There is a definite lag when loading and opening mail along with attachments. It is getting extremely frustrating!!! Help please!

moving app to new phone

my galaxy nexus died, so I now have the s3. will I be able to use maildroid on the new phone with old account?

java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException on 2.53

This happened just recently... I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I cannot ready any of my emails...



My contacts don't show in the drop down when putting together an email. Any suggestions how to add or import contacts? My contacts are on the tablet and phone, both of which have the same issue.

Licence verification issue

I use last MailDroid pro on Galaxy S2 under Android 2.3.5 during days and was happy until today. I waited message to my Google mail box more then 40 min since the message was sent without result. My synchronization method is to check server every 15 min automatically. At last I had opened UI and saw the message like this "Licence verification failure". I gave a push and programm started work again, Licence verification was completed, synchronization was finished etc. But in this case I was informed about message by sender in advance and was able to react in time. It seems as to be sure in the future I need to activite program by hands periodicaly to check the status. I found this as unacceptable absolutely. Have you plan to make process of verification more flexable? As I saw on the Russian forums I am not alone and some people met the same problem with legal pro version.

Incoming emails

I am using MailDroid on DROIDX2, I can not get the email check interval to set. Every time I try to set it, it resets back to 15 minutes. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Also, I have 3 accounts set up, yahoo, Gmail, and a Pop3 account. The yahoo and Gmail accounts get the incoming mail within seconds of being sent, but the Pop3 account needs to be refreshed manually. I have that account set up like the other 2. Why won't the Pop3 account receive w/o being refreshed manually?

Great client, but I can't respond to emails

I really enjoy using MailDroid (2.22 on Kindle Fire). I can access and compose new emails without issues, however when I hit "reply", the screen blackout after a few seconds and display : "Process was killed in background. The message viewer will be closed".

I am down to one account (the only I can't get other mail client to work to send out mail) and it still happening.

Any help or hint ?


Does not seem to be any support for nested IMAP folders

My imap provider, like many, puts folders inside the Inbox folder. When I use the default mail client on my Galaxy Note (or use MS Outlook on a PC, or the native Apple email on an iPhone or iPad) all these folders are usable. MailDroid does not see them, making it completely useless for me.


Yes, it does. You need to click |> next to teh folder which will get to your nested folders.

issue with re-write of maildroid

I downloaded and used maildroid for about a month and half without any issues until the new update - rewrite came out and I downloaded it. Now when it tries to download new mail it locks up my android tablet and causes a reboot, after which I no longer have a wi-fi connection to the internet. Since it automatically loads when I turn on my tablet and checks mail before I can stop it, I am spending alot of time re-starting my tablet until maildroid has downloaded all of my mail and I have a chance to stop the application. Out of frustration I have uninstalled maildroid and am using my cell phone to check my e-m-mail. Is anyone else having the same problem? Will there be a fix for it? I really liked the app before they "fixed" it!

Downloading attachments

How do I get the attachments downloaded to my phone, such that even when I am offline, i can read the attachments.

Currently, I can view the attachments offline, only if I had viewed them earlier.

I am assuming maildroid downloads attachments only when you open them?

- Ken

2.35 has been released

Some bug fixes and the start of the UI overhaul to match android 4.0. Also, split screen has been added for tablets.

features wanted or issues to solve

-Drafts on phone aren't syncing with gmail online.
-can we set up notification so that any contact already in our list gets some sort of precedence; or more importantly, any sender that is not on my list, can be blocked from generating a notification. (no more beeps at night from spam!)
-ability to make a rule quickly. For example; when looking at a spam email, having the ability to click on it and have the option to make a rule such as Block sender, or Subject.
-quicker syncing. (Is there a quick sync now button?)

Can't select text in email


While viewing an email I toggle the mode to "Selection Mode" but I can not select any text.

Please help, thanks!

Maildroid does not connect to the exchange server

Recently Maildroid stopped sync with the exchange server.
It writes "Connecting..." and nothing happens.
I tried with other Galaxy device and I got my emails.
I installed other exchange app and I got all my mails.
I have Samsung galaxy s.

Can't forward or reply

When trying to reply or forward emails, after about 20 seconds I recieve the error, "Process was killed in the background. The message viewer will be closed" and am pushed backed into my inbox. It is happening on g-mail, hotmail, and imap accounts.


Where did you download it from?

cant reply

I get the same thing, every time I try to reply. Not a random occurance. I downloaded from Android App Store. Using Honeycomb on an Android Tablet. I can't use the email app because of this. Its a shame because I really like it otherwise..

From the Droid Market onto my

From the Droid Market onto my kindle fire.

No incomming mail

For my tablet I need a mail client with customised sub folder support to archive the many mails we got. MailDroid seems to be the populair mail client to provide this functionality. Right?

I installed and configured the client and verification went OK. No complains. Sending email went supurb. Ther eis only one problem:
Loading or refreshing incomming emails does not do anything. No complains and no emails.

Does anyone knows what's the problem?


What mail server? Have you tried to turn logging on? Please do so and email me the resulting file created.

2.20 has been released

+ Full editor for composing emails
+ Optional message threading/conversation style
+ Bug fixes
+ Finnish Translation


I have not heard mention of calendar funtionality.

does it have an unified calendar as well as email ?

Need to know beacuse im on my way to return this new droid 3 to get an apple if it doesnt..

2.11 has been released

+ Combined and split notifications per account (split notifications include sender and subject)
+ Notification rules were updated to include notification sound filter for email address
+ Send email as plain text or HTML format
+ IMAP Subscription folders
+ Notify once option
+ Synchronization and preload was improved
+ Connection status bar
+ Counters improved for local and offline folders
+ Bug fixes

Distinguish unread messages

I'm considering purchasing pro, but I find it very difficult to visually distinguish which emails are read and unread. The unread emails are bold, but the distinction is very subtle and difficult to distinguish. Has this issue been previously brought forward for consideration? Thanks.

i would love to see this as well

i would love to see this as well is very hard to tell if is a new unread email (maybe add a small star or highlight email ) also would love to see number of unread emails in task bar or some kind of widget 1x1 size)

Zimbra: anything yet?

Did anyone get this working? I get less than useful error messages when trying to configure, using Exchange 2007/2010.

the request failed, the remote server returned an error:
(404) Not Found

2 Things

Loving this app....much more user intuitive than K-9.

1. Wish the LED notification would stay on what you select...Selection keeps disappearing.
2. Wish you could select all and delete on one screen as in K9...would save a couple of steps.

Assign personal colors to each account

After a long (and unhappy) time spent with K-9 (globally too slow and way too complicated to set up), I just switched to Maildroid. I am 99% happy with it, the only thing I miss is the possibility to assign a color of my choice to each account. If the feature exists, I couldn't find it, so please let me know where it is. If not, what about adding it some day? It's far from being vital, I can perfectly do without it, just a suggestion. So - great work, keep going!
My phone is a HTC Desire under Froyo.

UPDATE: I found the way to assign a color of my choice, sorry for having missed that ;-)

2.09 has been released

Tons of fixes:

+ Embeded images support for multipart/mixed was added
+ POP3 protocol logging did not work
+ Fixed three out of memory issues
+ Fixed IOException while sending message
+ Fixed some NPE
+ Fixed android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: too many SQL variables
+ Fixed a UI issue in Android tablet
+ Fixed Cannot retry request with a non-repeatable request entity
+ Webdav sent mail folder showed no content in body
+ POP3 move rules fixed
+ Fixed POP3 kb preload

Full content

I bought Pro for Samsung Galaxy S2. Everything works almost good. Better than K9, but there are some questions:

1. Can I find info about message size?

2. It would be great to see and understand when message has been loaded fully. Also to see the progress of loading.
If fully loaded, keep message loaded forever. Now I need push "Load full content" every time I open message.

3. How to open xls and xlsx files? (I have installed ES File Explorer and Documents To Go Full)
It works, just some temp problem. After rebooting maildroid offer to choose application for opening again.

4. Make cash for sent folder and other folders. I use it very often and like to read mail offline.

Thank you.


1. This is a feature I have been meaning to add
2. By progress, what do you mean? I do have a progress loading bar.
3. Known bug, fixed in 2.09
4. Long-press any folder and choose settings --> offline

Thank you!

It was quick!!!

1. Thank you.
2. Probably it will be part of #1. To see what size of message is downloaded from total size. It was in some mail application can't remember.
Yes you do have progress bar, but as I understand only for the text, not for attachments. There is only "Wait a moment..." and "Sorry, an operation is already running". And no way to understand how long should I wait because of no info about size and progress.
3. Great!
4. That was really useful. I must read manual!

is it possible to only check mail manually?

I seem to be having a fight with all the mail apps I can find for my LG P500 running 2.2x.

Maildroid looked like a winner but it appears that there's no way to set up an IMAP account to only check for mail when prompted.

The circumstance that requires this is that I use pop-and-leave-on-server at my desktop and imap on my phone, via webmail etc. If an IMAP connection is open, the POP3 connection is locked out.

It seems there's no option but to have mail checking semi-constantly - you can turn off notifications but you can't actually stop it checking for mail.

I've resorted to turning off both Wifi and 3G when infront of my work computer, this is less than ideal however and I may shelve Maildroid entirely if I can't find a way forward on this fairly quickly. I have used both the OEM Android app and K-9 and both have other issues which are similarly annoying, It appears I may yet be out of luck....



Yes, you can do this, it's just hidden a bit:

Accounts screen --> Menu --> Preferences --> Rules --> Connection Management

Creating a new rule

Ah, then you have to create a new rule by giving it a name and then selecting Connection Management. Thanks, that's helpful, if a little hard to find :-)

I've set this up, interestingly despite having 'never check mail' ticked my phone just notified me of new mail. And I got locked out of my POP3 account again.

Did I miss something?

sent email does not show the sent to name

When I send emails from my phone, on the sent folder, it does not show the person's email or name, it shows my name


This is by design for now. The sent mail folder is a local folder shared across all email accounts. At this time, I figured the best way to find an email was to know which account it came from. This will change in the future.

Importing email to Maildroid

Joe, any way to do this. I am migrating from a webmail client that I have been using -- to MailDroid. I really don't want to have to forward emails that I want to keep to myself.

Let me know.

Steve Whittington


No :-( Not at this time

2.06 has been released

Lots of fixes :-) Take a look at the release notes!

Exchange Mail

I am connected with Exchange 2007, but it starts downloading messages from a year ago, and will not complete Synchronization as a result. Is there a way to change this, first message downloaded is from August 15th 2010. Any suggestions or advise?