Pop Pet Puzzle Adventure Pop Pet Puzzle Adventure v1.2.4

Connect adorable pets and explore charming worlds!


Magic Numbers Magic Numbers v8.2

Amazing interactive game for kids! Learning to write and memorize numbers!


Quarth Quarth v2.3

Quarth (クォース ) is a hybrid puzzle game/shoot 'em up
Tetris backwards


TWHG TWHG v1.3.0.0

This is the world's hardest game! It is harder than any game you have ever played, or even will play.


Stars Slot Stars Slot v1.1.18

Stars Slot is a five reel, which you can play for free.
Best casino slot game with features that are actually fun to play and easy to understand.


Escape from House Garden Escape from House Garden v1.3

It's time to escape from dangerous house garden! Can you escape?


Car-Azy Car-Azy v3

Car - Azy is a fast paced top down Car game with emphasis on speed and accuracy, testing the players skill and dexterity

Test your skills and try to beat the Leader boards best scores and invite friends to see if they are up for your challenge.

Main Features

Unlock additional cars
Bonus Levels

Oil Slicks, Blood splats, lots of different car, van and lorry models including police and ambulance.


Help The Fish Help The Fish v1.2

Help the fish get to the water.


Casino Classic Slot Casino Classic Slot v1.5.0

Casino Classic Slot nice and easy to play!


GravityJar GravityJar v1.1.3

In Gravity Jar you must help Norman, a cute alien, to get back home after he accidentally beamed himself in a galaxy far away. With the help of his gravity jar (hence the name), he can convert specific elements into the energy it needs to get back home.
The gameplay is simple, when you recognize 2 or more identical elements next to each other you must tap on them to release the energy. The faster you tap the better, since these elements have a short half-time.


Forgotten Tales MMORPG Forgotten Tales MMORPG v4.13.3

Forgotten Tales is a FREE online, multiplayer, fantasy adventure Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG).
Experience the exciting adventure in your smartphone with players all over the world.


Net Tarot Net Tarot v1.9.76

Net.Tarot is a challenging cross-platform trick-taking card game that requires four players and uses the traditional 78-card tarot deck.


lessMORE lessMORE v1.3

Let’s fun with compare math game. Just choose less than or greater than.


Finger Dance Finger Dance v1.3.3

Dancefloor for your fingers! Starts so fast! Dance, collect bonuses, enjoy!


ScreamingHero ScreamingHero v2.0.0

The annoying hero is out on an adventure. Don't let him fail.


EasyMind EasyMind v1.2.1

Easymind is your social voting App.
Create private and public polls and invite your friends to answer.
Where do we eat tonight? Which movie do we see?

You can use it to make a decision! Which of this two shoes do I buy?

You can use it to perform a market research?
Do you prefere coke or pepsi? To whom will you vote in the next elections?

Simply create a public poll and make it happen!


Bubbles World Bubbles World v1.0

Language Support:
- Russian;
- English;
- German;
- French;
- Turkish;
- Spanish;

Bubbles world - free single game that will allow you to plunge into the fascinating world of bubbles. With each level the opportunity to demonstrate your logic skills, patience, that will bring you closer to another victory! Bursting bubbles, trying to earn, act and win!


Blocks Breaker Machine Blocks Breaker Machine v1.52

Enjoy a revolutionary gameplay of blocks breaking free game!
This is Arkanoid, Brick Breaker or Breakout game with a revolutionary gameplay and a beautiful HD graphics!. Try something new and fresh! This game will take you to a wonderful journey.


Bingo Super Bingo Super v1.3.9

Get ready for Bingo Super, the ultimate multi-player network bingo game. This fast moving adventure has multi-levels, tons of fun goodies to achieve collect and surprise power plays. Come and see what the next generation of Bingo fun looks like.


Letters to Words Letters to Words v1.0

Find words from a jumble of letters - handy for many popular word games!