Saiko+ Saiko+ v1.9.12

Saiko+ is a fun social app for Anime, Comic, Game and Cosplay fans worldwide!


Restaurant Menu Restaurant Menu v4.5.0.3

Display menus/catalogs and manage orders of businesses has never been this easy!

In just three steps you can manage the orders of your cafe or restaurant:

1 - Create your menu/catalog by adding categories and items.
2 - Create order locations where guests will be served.
3 - Create orders, add order items and change their states according with their life cycle.

We value your comments and suggestions, our desire and commitment is to meet your expectations in the best way.


preschoolMath preschoolMath v1.0

This great app will teach your child to count, add, subtract and compare numbers.


Learn arabic basics part 1 Learn arabic basics part 1 v1.0.0

It is first part to learn Arabic basics and its word formation. Has a match game as well as TEST. There are 10 chapters in the app.


Diamond Swipe 2 Diamond Swipe 2 v1.0.0

Embark on a journey of ancient discoveries. Find the truth about your origins.
Discover what happened to your ancestors by solving puzzles in
countless pyramids.


ReBall ReBall v1.7

Test your skills in this fun and addictive game!


Pedometer Pedometer v1.0.3

Try to stay good shape by Pedometer. Walking is one of the best exercise.


iLand World iLand World v1.2.9

Get ready for new adventure multi level platform game iLand Adventure. Collect coins and stars; run, jump in this beautiful island, defeat enemies and enjoy the smooth game play and sound effects.

Features -
Island is filled with enemies to defeat.
Multiple game levels
Multiple themes to choose ( Dew island and Dragon island )
Cool collectible ( star and coins )
Exciting sound effects
Filled with actions run, jump
Smooth game controls

Try iLand adventure now.


ClickOMania ClickOMania v1.54

The classic block game clickomania now more addictive than ever.
All variations of the game are included:

  • Retro click-o-mania
  • Bombs, rocks, sliders, even halelujah bombs and switchers
  • Jewel mode (semi-infinite gameplay)
  • Many levels from easy to insane difficutly

and it is free.


Housie Super Housie Super v1.4.5

Housie Super is simulated multi player network game, it is also known as Tambola, 90 ball bingo. it has multi levels, achievements, collectible, treasure chest and power play.

Multiple game themes ( Housie City and Housie Party, Housie Beach, Soccer, Forest, Housie Halloween, Housie Airport and Housie Christmas, Bingo Water Park ) to choose, so game is always looks fresh.


Bingo Game Bingo Game v1.7.8

Get ready for Bingo, the ultimate multi-player network bingo game. This fast moving adventure has multiple-levels, tons of fun goodies to achieve collect and surprise power plays. Come and see what the next generation of Bingo fun looks like!


Barcode Barcode v2.0

The CIRCE Barcode Scanner DEMO (BCS) is a robust and quick bar code scanning app for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets which automatically updates a Salesforce database.


Cloud PREMIUM Cloud PREMIUM v1.5.1

Awesome adventure game with beautiful colored levels full of adventures


Egg Toss Egg Toss v1.2

Toss the Egg and see how long you can survive. Challenging yet simple game.


Traffic Lanes 2 Traffic Lanes 2 v1.4.4

The automatic traffic lights are malfunctioning! Take control of the lights in different intersections and make sure the vehicles do not crash into each other.


WiFi Guard WiFi Guard v1.0.0

List all devices in your WiFi network and get notifications about new devices


 Amanda voice (english US)  Amanda voice (english US) v1.4.5

Make your telephone or tablet speak to you with Voxygen’s Best-of-Vox Voices.
The Amanda voice reads aloud any English US text.


 Voix Dark (français)  Voix Dark (français) v1.4.5

Faites parler votre téléphone ou votre tablette avec les voix Best-of-Vox de Voxygen !
La voix Dark permet de lire n'importe quel texte français.


Power Battery Power Battery v1.6.12

Power Battery, as the most professional battery saver app, could get up about 60% more battery life for Android phones or tablets.


Cosmo Craft Cosmo Craft v1.1

Travel the cosmos and defend yourself from the enemy ships that you would encounter