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NFC TAG App & Tasks launcher


Saridue Saridue v1.055

To survive from zombies!


Functionz Functionz v1.4

Challenge your peers by creating a unique set of Functionz conundrums.


Block Puzzle Kings Block Puzzle Kings v1.0

Block Puzzle Kings is a classic block puzzle game. It is easy and fun to play with three game modes, for a total of 572 games. The levels starts out easy and then gradually increases in difficulty, many levels to keep you playing for hours.


Pearls Pearls v1.2.53

Swipe over an area of pearls of the equal color without passing over the same pearl twice.
The longer the chain, the bigger the bonus. Collect those shiny pearls for additional points.

There's 49 achievements in the game. Can you get all of them?


Music Album Editor Music Album Editor v2.0.1

Update and fix your music album information. Change the song title, edit the artist, album name, genre and others. Generate the album cover/ art when playing your music/ mp3 songs.


Picking List Picking List v1.0

You must choose an appropriate number to form a complete sequence.


Prisoner Escape Prisoner Escape v1.1

Play prisoner escape as the notorious prisoner to escape the prison in a calculated way. Observe every noise detector, camera and police vision for prison break. Figure out your safe place and way to reach on exit door for prisoner escape. For prison escape collect every key, access card and hack computer to inactive the laser block. Escape every secured prison one after another. Simple game play but secured prison break objective makes it more addicting.


Arabic alphabets and 6 kalima Arabic alphabets and 6 kalima v1.0.0

Learn the Arabic Alphabets in easy and fun way.
You can also learn 6 Islamic Kalimas. One game included in app.


Restaurant Menu Restaurant Menu v4.4.0.3

Display menus/catalogs and manage orders of businesses has never been this easy!

In just three steps you can manage the orders of your cafe or restaurant:

1 - Create your menu/catalog by adding categories and items.
2 - Create order locations where guests will be served.
3 - Create orders, add order items and change their states according with their life cycle.

We value your comments and suggestions, our desire and commitment is to meet your expectations in the best way.


Eortes android Eortes android v1.2.0

Ελληνικό Εορτολόγιο


Arabic alphabets and 6 kalimas Arabic alphabets and 6 kalimas v1.0.1

Learn the Arabic Alphabets in easy and fun way.
You can also learn 6 Islamic Kalimas.


Color Shift Color Shift v1.0-a

Shift color blocks to combine and clear them. Three difficulty modes.


Футбольный менеджер онлайн Футбольный менеджер онлайн v1.6

The official Android app widget of the popular online game in the mobile Internet on football: Mobile Online Football Manager (also known as FootPlay). Create a team with your name, determine the composition and tactics and play with your friends! Select the optimal tactics of the game, set up the players in the best positions and gain the victory in the championship, and then in the Super Cup!


Betclic Sport Betclic Sport v3.0.4

With Betclic Android application, bet everywhere, win anytime.


Funny Jump Funny Jump v1.4

Up up up get UP !!!! But be carefull


Le Mans Live Timing Le Mans Live Timing v0.9.21

Le Mans Live Timing App, keep up to date with the runners riders and positions of the teams as they participate in the 2015 running of the famous 24 hour race at La Sarthe in France. The App now covers the other rounds of the FIA WEC. Timing will start to update from Saturday 28th of March onwards, it will only update when the cars are actually on track.


Impariamo Gli Strumenti Musicali Impariamo Gli Strumenti Musicali v3.7

Con "Impariamo Gli Strumenti Musicali" potrete insegnare a vostro figlio il suono e il nome degli strumenti musicali.
Adesso disponibili 27 strumenti!
Giocando con le icone il bambino assocerà presto il suono allo strumento musicale e sarà in grado di indovinarlo solo ascoltandolo!
Imparare gli strumenti musicali sarà un gioco facile e divertente. Un’applicazione per il vostro bambino che lo aiuterà a crescere e scoprire cose nuove.


Teach Your Kids Musical Instruments Teach Your Kids Musical Instruments v3.7

Teach Your Kids Musical Instruments is a useful tool for those who are trying to introduce their children to the music world.
Now 27 Instruments available!
You'll let your child see some musical instruments and associate them to the corresponding music.
Improve your children QI!
Once your child will be able to recognize instruments and music, you can use the same app to let him play a music quiz.
The best app available for learning musical instruments!


Vegan Defense Vegan Defense v2.0

Help Vegezio to defend the animals! Convert carnivores into vegans!
A tower defense game based on vegan principles.